LS Chapter 3: Material Procurement


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What is an act of obtaining material or services from supply sources?
What does the procurement process involve?
Support activities
Who prepares the requisitions and submits the completed forms to the supporting supply activity?
When requested material is available, who processes the requisition for issue?
Supply activity
Where does the supply activity refer the requisition to if material is not available?
Item manager or supporting stock points
When are material or services received from civilian vendors?
When material or services are not available in the Navy's supply system
Who has the financial responsibility of correctly identifying priority, price, description, etc.?
Supply Officer
Procurement is the responsibility of whom?
Supply Officer
What are the three basic methods by which an activity may obtain required material or services?
Purchase Card
Contracting Services
What is the purchase card micro-purchase for supplies?
What is the purchase card micro-purchase for services?
When do you go through contracting services?
When material or services goes above the GPC threshold
Who is responsible for maintaining stocks, including general stores, fuel, subsistence items and ship's store and clothing?
Supply Officer
Repair parts are in the custody of who?
Supply Officer
In the Supply Support Center, LSs having constant contact with maintenance personnel from all departments helps the Supply Officer detect what?
Repair Parts Allowances
What are the positive outcomes of knowing your storeroom?
Re-stow stock to provide space for additional items
Able to tell which items are not moving or may be excess
Stock Record LS can interpret the data reflected in stock record file and advise the SUPPO on what?
Items requiring a review of the high and low limits
What is the responsibility of the ordering LS?
technical edit of requests
What is defined as the period of time required for a ship to use a definite quantity of supplies?
What is the first consideration in establishing endurance?
availability of storeroom space and different types of stores
What is the second consideration in establishing endurance?
convert space to the number of days that the ship can be maintained by capacity loading
What provides up-to-date endurance charts for specified periods of time?
What are the two types of routine requirements?
stock replenishment
How would you compute the endurance for fast-moving items?
Multiply past month's usage by three
How would you compute the endurance for slow-moving items?
Divide past 6 months usage by two
Where is usage information found?
Frequency and Demand Listing
What are used to help Supply Officers determine stock requirements?
Allowance Lists
Initial Outfitting Lists
Usage Data Tables
When are allowance lists, initial outfitting lists and usage data tables usually provided for?
New or re-commissioned ships
What would make it necessary to review stock record files and reevaluate the requirements for some or all items stocked?
Operating factors
What are the operating factors consists of?
Expected length of cruise
Type of operation
Expected climate during the operation
Supply support that will be available
What is the major factor of concern to the Supply Officer, when the ship is scheduled for deployment?
Supply Support during the cruise
If you are able to obtain material form the Military Sealift Command or Combat Logistics Force (CLF) ships or ashore activities are usually provided in what?
Operation orders
Where do you obtain material from when your ship is home-ported in the United States?
Fleet Logistic Center (FLC)
What provides supply support to ships on overseas waters?
Combat Logistics Force units
What is CONREP?
Conventional Replenishment, ship alongside
What is VERTREP?
Vertical Replenishment, helicopter
What projects the material requirements for resupply support deployed forces of the Atlantic and Pacific Fleets?
Fleet Issue Load List (FILL)
What is based on actual usage factors for those items most commonly requested by fleet units and for limited number of additional items included to support CNO-approved weapons systems and equipment?
Fleet Issue Load List (FILL)
Set forth by the CNO, the FILL is computed to satisfy what percentage of the forecasted demands of the deployed fleet for a 90-day period?
What is tailored for use by afloat requisitioners when requisitioning material, except ammunition, from CLF?
Consolidated Afloat Requisitioning Guide Overseas (CARGO)
What publication is the Consolidated Afloat Requisitioning Guide Overseas (CARGO)?
CARGO is issued how often by NAVSUP WSS MECH
two times per year
What are the four chapters of CARGO?
COMNAVSURFLANT/COMNAVSURPAC Supply Sources and Requisitioning instructions
NEXCOM- Ships Store Afloat Requisitioning and Load List
NAVSUP- Subsistence Requisitioning Tables
NAVSUP WSS- The Fleet Issue Load List (FILL)
What does TARSLL stand for?
Tender and Repair Ship Load List
What is prepared by NAVSUP WSS MECH and reflects the material authorized to be stocked by tenders (AS) in support of their assigned missions?
Tender and Repair Ship Load List (TARSLL)
What categories of material does TARSLLs include?
Equipment related items
Industrial Items
Items of resupply required for the support of assigned submarines
What includes items required to support submarines?
Submarine Tender (AS) TARSLL
What will be used for ordering all material from the Navy Supply System, other military installations, the Defense Logistics Agency and the General Services Administration?
Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP)
What form is a DoD single line item requisition system document (manual) ?
DD Form 1348
What form is a single line item consumption/requisition document (manual)?
NAVSUP Form 1250-1
What form is a Non-NSN Requisition?
NAVSUP Form 1250-2
What form is a DoD single line item requisition system document (manual long form)?
DD Form 1348-6
What materials will be requisitioned on a DD Form 1149?
-Ship's propulsion and aviation fuel, bulk lubricants
-Cognizance symbol I material not assigned a 13 character NICN
-Cognizance symbol 0K library materials
-Industrial plant equipment
What does CNET stand for?
Chief of Naval Education and Training
What is the Naval General Library Manual number?
What is used to requisition material which cannot be identified by an NSN, a NATO stock number, or a NICN?
DD Form 1348
What is a dual purpose form for use by afloat activities to requisition NON-NSN/part numbered items from Navy supply sources and to record and report demand/usage data?
NAVSUP Form 1250-2
What is form is a combination of the DD Form 1348 and the NAVSUP Form 1250-1?
NAVSUP Form 1250-2
What type of form is the DD Form 1348?
When can you use the NAVSUP Form 1250-2?
By afloat and Navy supply activities (not approved outside the Navy supply system)
What may be used to requisition repairs or rentals of laborsaving devices, repairs of equipage items, dry-cleaning, or renovation services when required by the supply source or repair facility?
DD Form 1149
What does NORS stand for?
Not Operationally Ready Supply
What are requisitions submitted for a casualty report (CASREP)?
Not Operationally Ready Supply (NORS)
What publication is NORS defined in?
Navy Warfare Publication (NWP)
What does ANORS stand for?
Anticipated Not Operationally Ready Supply
What instruction is ANORS authorized in?
What does NMCS stand for?
Not Mission Capable Supply
What is a requisition submitted for aviation material required to correct an aircraft condition?
NMCS, ANMCS, PMCS, and BROAD ARROW are defined in what instruction?
What does ANMCS stand for?
Anticipated NMCS
What does PMCS stand for?
Partial Mission Capable Supply
How will NORS/NMCS requisition be prepared?
What methods of transmitting a requisition should be avoided?
What appendix are Media and Status Codes (M&S) cited in?
Appendix 16
What does SALTS stand for?
Streamlined Automated Logistics Tool Set
What will be used to electronically transmit all Priority Designators (PDS) 01-15 documents?
What method of transmitting requisitions may be used for priorities 01-08?
Naval Messages
What method of transmitting requisitions may be used for priorities 01-03 when electronic means are unavailable?
For non-automated activities, what requisitions will be prepared for each item requested via SALTS, message or telephone?
NAVSUP 1250-1
NAVSUP 1250-2
DD Form 1348
What does DAAS stand for?
Defense Automatic Addressing System
What is an automated system for routing logistics data traffic and provides transaction processing and data information services, established communications networks?
DAAS provides that each document included in the message is limited to how many card columns of data?
Message requisitions for non-NSN/NICN items or NSN/NICN items requiring exception data will be submitted directly to what?
Supply source
What will be submitted only when a formal discussion of the material requirement is necessary?
Letter requests
What does MILSTRIP stand for?
Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures
What does UMMIPS stand for?
Uniform Material Movement and Issue Priority System
Where could you find the standards of UMMIPS?
DoD 4140.1-R
What is the range of priority designators (PD)?
What is operated by an ashore supply activity to provide low cost items frequently required by customers in the area?
Medical and dental supplies stocked in SERVMART may be obtained by Medical or Dental Officers or Hospital Corpsman identified by an official letter authorized and signed by who?
Commanding Officer or designated representative
Each SERVMART issues what?
SERVMART Shopping List
What is used to list the items to be procured from a SERVMART?
SERVMART Shopping List
What form is the SERVMART Shopping List?
NAVSUP Form 1314
What provides bulk issue service?
What is not designed to be the source of supply for long term requirements or pre-deployment loadouts?
What should you do to the receipt if only partial order quantity is available?
line out the requested quantity and enter and circle quantity obtained
What should you do to the receipt if item is not available?
enter NIS in QTY column
What does MOF stand for?
Material Outstanding File
What does MCF stand for?
Material Completed File
What does DFAS stand for?
Defense Finance and Accounting Service
How often will MOF be reviewed?
How often are priority 01-03 requisitions reviewed?
How often are priority 04-08 requisitions reviewed?
How often are priority 9-15 requisitions reviewed?
What order is the MOF organized in?
Document Number Sequence
How is MILSTRIP status categorized?
exception status
100% supply status
100% supply status plus shipment status
exception status plus shipment status
How is the frequency and type of status determined?
Media and Status (M&S) code
What is AE1?
Automatic supply status
What is AB1?
Direct delivery supply status
What is AS1?
Automatic shipment status
What should you do if status has been provided but is outdated or material has not been received by the delivery date?
submit a follow-up to determine status
When should you use the AT_ document identifier?
lost in processing or supply source has no record of requisition (follow-up document)
When is AC_ document identifier used?
What is AM_ document identifier?
requisition modifier
When do you use an AM_ document identifier?
FAD is upgraded or downgraded
Urgency of need has changed
Required Delivery Dates (RDD) changed
Modifiers will be submitted at the earliest possible date and will contain an expedited handling signal of what in the RDD data field?
Material obligations are considered to be overaged for priority 01-08 requisitions have been outstanding more than how many days past the requisition date?
30 days
Material obligations are considered to be overaged for priority 09-15 requisitions have been outstanding more than how many days past the requisition date?
75 days
What should be made of the Material Outstanding File and Work Centers Ships Force Work List?
Frequent comparisons to Internal MOV
Inventory managers will forward MOV requests for overaged material obligations centrally held to the Defense Automatic Addressing System (DAAS) within how many days of the cutoff date of each MOV cycle?
5 days
Overaged material obligations in the inventory managers records must agree with what?
Material outstanding records of the requisitioning activity
What is the purpose of the MOV?
requirements for material still exist
priorities assigned to a requisition are still valid
What provides instruction and guidance concerning purchase or procurement of material form commercial suppliers?
When can ships Supply Officers and Commanding Officers of ships without Supply Corps Officers obtain requirements for supplies or services by purchase on the open market?
immediate or urgent requirement
supplies or services not available at local supply support activity
SOPA may impose other purchase restrictions afloat when in foreign ports
What does SOPA stand for?
Senior Officer Present Afloat
What instruction is used for Standards of Conduct?
Supplies or non-personal services from commercial sources in the amount of $25,000 or less is referred to as what?
Small Purchase
Open market requirements that exceeds what amount must be procured through formal contracting procedures?
What form is used for Contractual Procurement?
NAVCOMPT Form 2276
What form is used for Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request?
DD Form 448
Open market purchase actions cannot exceed an activity's contracting authority without prior approval from what?
cognizant regional contracting management office
What forms would you use for purchases chargeable to the OPTAR?
DD Form 1348
NAVSUP 1250-2
DD Form 1149
DD Form 1155
What form is used for order for work and services?
What form is an invoice/shipping document?
DD Form 1149
What form is order for supplies or services?
DD 1155
What form is DoD Printing requisition/order?
DD 282
When would you use a DD 282?
valued at $100,000 and below
When would you use Purchase Orders (SF 1449/DD 1155)
valued at $100,000 and below
up to $5 million for commercial items
When would you use Blanket Purchase Agreement?
valued at $100,000 and below
up to $5 million for commercial items
When would you use Delivery order against Federal Supply Schedules?
valued at $9,999,900 or below
When would you use Basic Ordering Agreements and orders under Indefinite Delivery Type Contracts?
valued at $9,999,900 and below
When would you use Oral orders against Letter of Agreement for procurement of supplies only?
valued between $2,500 and $25,000
When shall you use Fast payment procedures?
supplies only (not for services or lease/rentals)
Who shall use fast payment procedures?
under limited conditions to a contractor
What form is used as a purchase order (PO), receiving report, invoice, and public voucher?
SF 44
What form is used as on-the-spot, over-the-counter purchases of supplies and non-personal services while away from the purchasing office or at otherwise isolated activities?
SF 44
When shall a SF 44 be used?
-when other purchase methods are not available
-purchase doesn't exceed micro-purchase threshold
-supplies or services are immediately available
-determined to be more economical and efficient