Chapter 2 (The First Americans)


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How do most archaeologists believe the first people came to Americas from Asia?
on foot or by boat
How did the first settlers in North America hunt bison?
They chased and stampeded the bison over cliffs.
When large mammals slowly died out, how did people have to adapt?
Bows and arrows were made to hunt smaller animals.
Which plant was found by Native Americans 5,000 years ago that has influenced people worldwide?
What was developed by the Maya culture?
Accurate calendars and a picture language
What is an empire?
Land and people who are controlled by one ruler or government.
How did the Creek plan their towns and villages?
They built their homes around a central plaza.
What is a confederacy?
A large group made up of smaller groups.
How did the Plains Indians travel?
By foot
How did Southwest Indians get their foods?
By farming
Archaeologists are
People who study bones, tools, pottery, and other artifacts to learn how ancient people lived.
Migrate means to
Glaciers are
Thick sheets of slowly moving ice.
Agriculture is
The process of growing crops and farming.
Surplus is
An extra amount of something.
Civilization is defined as
A culture of cities, a government, and many different jobs for people.
Mesoamerica is located
In the southern part of North America.
Pueblos are
The Spanish word for "towns"
A century is
Every 100 years
Woodlands are
Areas that are largely forested.
Boundaries are
Lines to separate territories.
Drought is defined as
A long period of time, sometimes several years, with almost no rain.