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objects made from clay
water soaked soil
an oven that can reach extreme temperatures necessary to harden clay and melt glazes
a mixture of powdered chemicals that melt during firing to form a glass like finish to the pottery
to fire (clay)
to 'cook' clay to a high temperature
clay that has been fired to a temperature (about 1000 degrees c) sufficient to harden and strengthen it but not high enough to melt a glaze
glaze firing
a firing to the temperature (about 1400 degrees c) at which the glaze materials will melt to form a glass-like surface coating
the process of building pots or sculpture by hand - it includes pinching and coiling and building with slabs.
slab building
a ceramics building method that uses pieces of clay, rolled flat and joined using slip
coil building
a ceramics building method that builds up the walls with rope-like rolls of clay called coils
clay that is thinned with water and used for coating, joining or decorating ceramics
rolling pin
wheel throwing
making clay forms on a spinning potter's wheel
potter's wheel

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