MSS - Anatomy (Chapter 12) #5

Joints between vertebral bodies are innervated by ___________ which arise from spinal nerve as it exits from ______
small meningeal branches of each spinal nerve,
intervertebral foramen
spinal nerve then reenters vertebral canal through intervertebral foraemn to supply __________
meninges, ligaments and interverterbal discs
Joints between articular processes are innervated by ___________
branches from posterior rami of spinal nerves
Flexion is ________ and extension is _______; both are extensive in ______ regions but restricted in _________ region
forward movement, backward movement,
cervical and lumbar,
lateral flexion is ________ which is extensive in _________ regions but restricted in ________ region
bending of body to one or other side,
cervical and lumbar,
rotation is _____ and least extensive in ______
twisting of vertebral column, lumbar
circumduction is _______
combination of all these movements