34 terms

theology 4

migration westward
dark ages
breakup of roman culture
what does the church decide the proper language for it is?
devoted religious people withdrew from society
exercise and practice faith; do what you're supposed to do
what did anthony do?
call for total devotion to prayer
anthony's views were too extreme so he brought monastic ideas to france
benedict of narsia
established monastery at Monte Cassino and wrote monastic system for monks
all monks have some job
lectio divinia
monks must read, ponder, and interpret readings
monastic theology
insight is gained through reflection of reading
opus dei
community prays together, the most important part of the day
liturgy of the hours
formal pattern of prayers at certain times of day; 8 times
bede the venerable
best western theologian, part of intellectual renaissance
benet bishop
founder of many north umbrian monasteries, considers library center of knowledge
ecclesiastical history of england
england reconverting to christianity
alcuin of york
called by charlemagne to set up schools; creates 7 liberal arts
theological method of thinking
st. anselm
looked for monastic life, joined beck monastary, tutored by lanfranc
archbishop, anselm becomes archbishop when he dies
anselm writes theological basics
fides quereus intellectam
faith seeks intellect
quad erat demonstondum; logically demonstrates the existence of god is rational; god is that being of which none greater may be concieved, an entity may be said to exist in 2 possible ways (subjectively and objectively)
peter lombard
theologian writes a textbook
peter abelard
philosophical theologian, sic et nom
aristotle characterizes everything
what is the relation between the franciscans and st. francis?
the franciscans trace themselves to st. francis
name of franciscans, ordo fratrum minorum
apostolic authority
help those is in poverty by living like them
what is the relation between dominicans and dominique?
the dominicans trace themselves to dominique
what one institution made it through the dark ages unscathed?
the church
benedict makes this monastery; it could work anywhere
in the imagination of another (existence can take place on two levels, after you stop thinking about it it goes away)
in the real order (that which exists objectively is a superior mode of being than the purely subjective)