Moon Phases

Spinning on an axis.
The invisible path followed by one object traveling around another object. Example: The moon traveling around Earth or Earth traveling around the Sun.
Lunar Eclipse
When the Earth casts a shadow on the moon.
Solar Eclipse
When the moon casts a shadow on the Earth.
Apparent Motion
The appearance that the Sun and stars move across the sky, when they are not actually moving.
describes phases following a new moon, as more of the Moon's lighted side becomes visible
describes phases following a full moon, pertaining to the period during which the visible surface of the moon decreases.
Gibbous Moon
Moon phase in which more than half of the Moon appears to be illuminated.
Crescent Moon
the phase of the moon in which only a curved edge of the moon's side that faced earth is illuminated.
Full Moon
moon phase when the entire side facing Earth is illuminated.
New Moon
A moon that is completely dark because it's unlit side is facing Earth
First Quarter Moon
The moon is a quarter of the way around the Earth. You can see the right half of the moon.
Last Quarter Moon
a phase of the moon that comes after a waning gibbous and before a last quarter moon where the left half of the moon that we can see is lit up.

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