Solutions Int 4C


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to give sb a hand
to held sb
to turn a blind eye to sth
to ignore sth
to make a big effort
to try hard
to have the time of your life
to enjoy yourself a lot
to have a word with sb
to contact sb
to increase sharply
to go up a lot
to offer/require assistance
to need help
a high priority
very important
make a proposal
to suggest something
at the present time
to gain employment
to find a job
to tackle
to deal with a problem
to tackle a ball
to try to get the ball from someone in a game such as football
help or support
Can I be of any assistance?
Can I help you?
to sleep rough
to sleep outdoors, usually because you have nowhere else to live
to publicise
to make people know about sth by advertising or giving information in newspapers, on TV, etc.
to gain
What do you hope to gain from the course?
to get something that is useful, that gives you an advantage, or that is in some way positive, especially over a period of time
a clock gains
My watch has gained (by) ten minutes over the last 24 hours.
a clock works too quickly
to gain
I gained a lot of weight while I was on holiday.
The car gained speed going down the hill.
to increase in weight, speed, height, or amount