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Quiz 1 - Ch.1

Which of the following expanded Americans' conceptions of personal liberty to include some forms of freedom from discrimination?
Fourteenth Amendment
What are republics?
representative democracies
The percentage of households in the United States consisting of a single person is nearly __________ percent.
Americans' faith in institutions in the United States has __________.
generally decreased
Americans have the highest levels of trust in which of the following?
One of the most long-standing and dramatic regional differences in the United States is between which of the following?
North and South
The Framers agreed that the new nation had to be founded on notions of which of the following?
religious freedom
Which of the following would have been expected of the federal government 200 years ago?
providing national defense
Social conservatives, who now form a large part of the base of the Republican Party, often are also members of which of the following?
religious organizations
How does the Preamble to the Constitution begin?
"We the People..."