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Quiz 1


call and response


fast tempo jazz


Descendants of slaves living in the Sea Islands

Harlem Renaissance

Starting in the 1920s. Many people starting it were francophones coming from Paris.

Middle Passage

Triangular trade from Africa, the New World and Europe

Minstrel Show

Started white people dressing as black people to make fun of them. Soon black people started


Religious song that combines European and African culture. Sang by the black southern community



Fisk Jubilee Singers

Started by students at Fisk University, which was began as an African American University. They were meant to support the University. Started singing traditional hymns, then switched to Spirituals



Call and Response




Field holler or cry


La calinda


patting juba






arranged/concert spiritual




contemporary gospel music


folk spiritual


gospel music


ring shout




traditional gospel music


transitional gospel music


blue note


blues "purist"


blues scale




Civils Rights Movement


Folksong movement


Hillbilly Records


Jim Crow laws


Race records


Racial segregation


Rock 'n' roll






slide or bottleneck guitar


soul music


twelve-bar blues


Michael Bloomfield


Paul Butterfield


John Cephas and Phil wiggins


W.C. Handy


B.B. King


Gertrude "ma" Rainey


Bessie Smith


Muddy Waters


Mamie Smith


Marian Anderson


Richard Allen


Thmas Dorsey



Stressing the Offbeat

Reny Shout Counter

Clockwise Circle Dance

Thmas "Daddy" Rice

White Creator of "Little Black Samboon and Zip Coon" - Minstrel Shows

Bert Williams

Light Skinned who became one of the best paid/most famous black minstrels - Really famous - Jackie Robinson of Show Business

Cake Walk

Black dance that made fun of how whites dance


Theater Owner Booking Agency - White ran organization designed to take advantage of black performers - Tough On Black Asses

George L. White

1st President of Fisk

Blues Music

Folk Music started by African Americans - Trained Informally

Robert Johnson

Sold his soul to the devil because he was so good at blues - black artist - very very talented, but only after he "went away" for a year - 12 - Bar Blues

Rev. Richard Allen

Founder of AME - Changed the hymns

Lening Out

Teaching songs to people who can't read

12 - Bar Blues Form

Basic Blues progression

Devil's Interval/Blue Note

Flat 3rd, 5th or 7th

Mavis Staples

Gospel Singer

Bernice Rayon

Gospel Singer?


One of first blending of African Americans and European influenced music?

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