Unit 4 Trade and Talk-School Violated Student's Rights


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Do you believe students should be able to wear whatever they want to school?
What rules would you recommend on what students wear to school?
What would you list as basic human rights?
What steps do you think schools should take to respect student' home cultures and beliefs?
Do you believe that wearing religious clothing is a "human right"? Why or why not?
Are their limits to what student's should be able to wear in school? Why or why not?
According to the article, why did many parents support banning the jilbab?
What two reasons did the school give for banning the jilbab?
The article describes two kinds of traditional attire. What is a jilbab? What is a shalwar kameez?
Why do you think some Muslim leaders "welcomed the ruling"?
Why do you think Yasin Rehman of the Luton Council of Mosques feels that the school's existing dress code is "very satisfactory"? What do you think he meant when he asked, "Where is the end to this/"
Do you think the court decision reported in the article will affect all of Britain's state schools? What makes you think one way or the other?
Was Shabina Begum allowed to wear a headscarf to school?
According to a British court, refusing to allow a student to wear traditional Muslim dress to school violated her human rights.