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Brron's SAT words in a flash 01

Brron's SAT words in a flash for 200 words
1.Rock stars often receive widespread adulation for a short period of time. 2.On some college campuses there are movements to place less stress on intercollegiate athletics so that good students would receive as much adulation as good athletes. 3.After World war II,General Dwight D.Eisenhower received so much adulation for leading the Allies to victory that it helped him be elected president of the United States.
1.Some people believe that adversity improves the character, making one a stronger and more understanding person. 2.During a war, civilians as well as soldiers usually experience adversity. 3.The stoic philosophers of ancient Greece believed that facing adversity calmly is a great virtue.
1.The government of the United States advocates democracy as the best political system for all countries. 2.People who advocate increased immigration to Australia argue that the country has enough resources to support far more people than it does now. 3.The advocates of a higher minimum wage supported their case by saying that it is nearly impossible for a person to survive on the present minimum wage.
1.To be successful, an interior decorator needs to have a well-developed sense. 2.A well-designed house combines practical and aesthetic elements so that it is pleasing both to look at and to live in. 3.Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that studies such questions as what makes something beautiful.
1.Judges at beauty contests often choose one of the contestants as the most affable. 2.People who work in sale are frequently affable individuals who enjoy talking to many types of people. 3.The young teacher was so affable he became his student friend but lost their respect.
1.Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance is an affirmation of our loyalty to our country. 2.Many religions require converts to make an affirmation of belief in the teachings of their new religion. 3.Our principal,Mr.Delaney,ask each of us to make an affirmation of our determination to make our best effort in all our subjects.
1.The Roman Empire was an aggregate of many states under the Emperor. 2.The aggregate wealth of a country includes the assets of individuals,companies,and other organizations. 3.The aggregate strength of the various branches of the U.S. armed services is immense.
1.The United Nations is working to alleviate poverty in the world. 2.Many people find that exercises is a good way to alleviate the effects of the stress. 3.To alleviate traffic congestion, cities such as London and Singapore impose a fee on motorists driving into downtown areas during busy periods.
1.Shy individuals usually like to remain aloof in large gatherings of people. 2.The new student was aloof for a few weeks, adjusting to her new classmate. 3.Some managers remain aloof from their workers, while others prefer to be "one of gang".
1.When one country gives aid to another country it is generally for reasons that are not entirely altruistic 2.Many people are attracted to teaching for altruistic reasons rather than financial ones. 3.A mother's love is often cited as an example of altruism.
1.When writing an essay,try to avoid making ambiguous statements. 2.The language used in advertising is often deliberately ambiguous. 3.Homonyms-words that sound the same but mean different tings-are sometimes ambiguous when used in speech; pair/pare/pear is an example of this.
1.Because he knew that teaching gives a steady income whereas writing usually does not, it was with considerable ambivalence that he gave up teaching to become a freelance writer. 2.Joan was attracted to Ted, so she finally agreed to a date with him;however,she did so with some ambivalence because of his reputation for being self-centered. 3.Sal was ambivalent about whether to try out for the football team or the soccer team because he enjoyed playing each sport equally.
1.This modern painting is amorphous; I can't figure out what it's supposed to be. 2.The company's plan to expand is at present amorphous, but it should begin to take shape at a series of meetings next month. 3.This essay is so amorphous that it isn't possible to determine its main argument.
1.Governments regard anarchists as dangerous because they represent a threat to the existence of the state. 2.Anarchists generally believe that governments infringe on rights that human beings enjoy naturally. 3.Mr.Jones,our principal, seems to regard any student who argues for letting students have a voice in the running of the school as an anarchist.
1.An anomaly in a person's heartbeat should be investigated by a physician. 2.The Earth's atmosphere causes anomalies in telescopic observation of other planets. 3.Because Fred had always come to work on time, his boss regarded it as an anomaly when he arrived an hour late one day.
1.Antagonism developed between the twins, Bill and John, after they discovered that each of them had asked the same girl to the dance. 2.According to psychologists, some antagonism between siblings is natural as each child seek parental affection and approval. 3.Jason knew that he might antagonize his history teacher if he criticized her teaching methods, but he decided that he had no choice because he wasn't learning much in the class.
1.The origins of Egypt are lost in the mists of antediluvian times. 2.Young people today regard black and white TV as an antediluvian form of technology. 3."MOM" Tina said to her mother," your ideas are so antediluvian. Today, all the girls are getting tattoos."
1.Researchers are trying to find an antidote for the common cold, but so far they have had only limited success. 2.Doctors often say that the best antidote for most human ills is time. 3.If you are bitten by a snake, you should try to note its appearance so that the correct antidote can be prescribed based on what species of snake bit you.
1.Most people reagrd the phonograph as an example of an antiquated technology. 2.Some famous writers prefer to use an antiquated typewriter rather than a computer. 3.Although they employed technology that would be considered antiquated today,the engineers who designed the Egyptian pyramids were able to cut and move stones weighing thousands of tons each.
1.Voter apathy in the United States is so great that in most elections less than half of the eligible votes turn out to cast their votes. 2.Apathy about social and political issues often occurs when people feel that these issues do not directly concern them. 3.After many years of trying whihout success to become manager,Harry became apathetic about striving to get ahead in his career.
1.To appease liberals in his party who were unhappy with his conservative policies,the president appointed a liberal to the Supreme Court. 2.The candy bar that Candy ate appeased her hunger. 3.in order to appease the angry voters,Congress voted to reduce taxes.
1.Most people think about their own eventual death with apprehension. 2.The students facing the SAT are full of apprehension because their future depends on how well they perform on this test. 3.Many people are filled with apprehension when they have to speak before a large group of people.
1.The typewriter is regarded by many people today as an archaic form of technology. 2.The words thou and thee are examples of archaic English. 3.Students often complain that they have trouble understanding Shakespeare's English because it is archaic.
1.Ardent Democrats and Republicans usually vote for the persons nominated by their parties. 2.Even the most ardent supporters of freedom of speech believe there must be some limitations on what people are allowed to say. 3.An ardent environmentalist,Senator Wood voted for the bill even though it meant a loss of jobs for his state in the mining industry.
1.Although he is one of the richest people in America,Sam tries to avoid giving an appearance of arrogance;he drives a compact car and eats in fast-food restaurants. 2.People from rich countries visiting poor countries sometimes display arrogance,believing themselves to be superior to the local people. 3.Shy people are sometimes accused of arrogance because they haughty and aloof.
1.Our history class decided to make a time capsule,so we gathered various artifacts from our everyday life,put them in a steel box,and buried them in the schoolyard. 2.The pyramids of Egypt are the largest artifacts left by ancient humans. 3.From artifacts left by the people of an ancient civilization,scientists can build a picture of how those people lived.
1.potters are artisans who can earn a good living by making things that are both useful and attractive. 2.Even in the age of mass production,there is a demand for goods,such as high-quality furniture,that can only be produced by skilled artisans. 3.Artisans normally earn more money than laborers because they have skills that are in greater demand.
1.If one country gains ascendancy in a region of the world, it is neighbors often band together to try to prevent it from gaining even more power and influence. 2.During the early part of the twentieth century,Nazism was in ascendancy in Germany. 3.Over the past decade or so,China has been gaining ascendancy among Asian nations.
1.The monk led an ascetic life,spending most of his time in prayer and eating only as much as necessary to stay alive. 2.Some religions encourage their followers to practice asceticism as a way to purify themselves. 3.Some writers lead an ascetic existence when they work on a book,living simply and spending nearly all of their time writing.
1.Many people aspire to be successful novelists,but few succeed. 2.When he was a high school student,Bill Clinton aspired to be president. 3.Malaysia aspires to be a developed country by the year 2020.