Pacific Nations and Territories-Unit 2


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The arrival of European explorers in the Pacific islands
Doing everything for yourself
Drawing fishing lines through the water behind a boat
Fish Traps
Sticks put together to make a cage-like trap for catching fish
an edge tool used to cut and shape wood
Belief in many gods
A class system
A system of kings and nobles with titles by birth
the eating of human flesh by another human being
The killing of unwanted babies
Extended Family
Household made up of several generations of family members
Nuclear Family
A man with his wife and children
Outrigger Canoes
A boat with a wooden frame placed its side to keep the craft steady in rough seas
Cord formed by weaving from plant fibers.
To change direction when sailing upwind
Two Navigation Problems
How to tell direction when sailing.
How to tell exact position when sailing.
Latitude (Parallels)
Distance north or south of the equator
Longitude (Meridians)
Distance east or west of the prime meridian
Prime Meridian
The meridian, designated at 0° longitude, which passes through the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, England.
Navigational instrument for finding directions
Navigation tool that determines latitude and longitude
North Star
The star at the north end of the axis (North Pole)
A system that determines the precise position of something on Earth through a series of satellites, tracking stations, and receivers.
The system of navigating a foreign place through observation of natural phenomena, such as the movement of the sun and stars
Southern Cross
The most familiar group of stars in the southern sky
Rolling waves that move in a steady procession across the ocean
Dead Reckoning
Finding the way by travelling at a known speed for a known time in a known direction
Undersea Reefs
Obstacles to a sailor (A good navigator will know where they are)
Central Caroline Islands
Traditional navigators still use outrigger canoes to cross the open ocean
Pwo Ceremony
Training for navigators in the Caroline Islands
Traditional stories based on real-life events
Oral Histories
Histories of groups of people told by word of mouth ( not written down)
Racial Studies
Comparison of physical characteristics
DNA Mapping
Comparison of genetic material of different populations to see which groups are related
Customs, tools, beliefs of certain groups of people (Ways of life)
A style of pottery that helps trace migration
Language Studies
Comparison of vocabulary and structure of two languages
Darker skinned hunter-gathers who settled in New Guinea, Bismarck, and the Solomon Islands
Lighter brown skinned farmers that began to intermarry with the Austroloids
Founder Effect (Sampling Error)
Genetic drift that occurs after a small number of individuals colonize a new area
Nonrepresentative sample
A subgroup that differs in important ways from the larger group (or population) to which it belongs

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