CTS1133 Quiz Chapter 11


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registry backup
Before making changes to the registry, make a ________.
The current directory is C:\Util\Drivers. To return to the root directory in one step, ________ may be entered.
What file extension do compressed files normally use?
Which Registry key tracks individual users and user preferences?
What dialog box is represented by an X?
What button is used to apply changes to a dialog box?
The application that created the file opens as well as the document.
What happens when you double-click on a document's shortcut icon?
batch file
If you create a file consisting of several commands which can be executed, you are most likely creating a(n):
Files and folders that have been deleted are placed in the Recycle Bin, which is just another folder on the hard drive. Until the Recycle Bin is emptied, the file or folder still resides (and takes up space) on the hard drive.
Describe why items placed in the Recycle Bin take up hard drive space.
Recycle Bin
What option is used to access files that have been deleted?
D:\My Documents\Worddocs\ltr1.doc
A user is working in Microsoft Word. He saves the document called LTR1.DOC to a folder called WORDDOCS. The WORDDOCS folder is a subfolder of the MY DOCUMENTS folder located on the D: hard drive volume. Write the complete path for the LTR1.DOC file.
My Computer
What option is used to access all hard disk drive files?
a path to the original file or application
Explain what a shortcut icon represents
Which of the following is NOT an operating system?
Which of the following describes the background color, picture, or pattern of the Windows desktop?
With the filename WINDOWS QUIZ 4.DOC, what characters represent the extension?
The ________ is the starting point for all directories.
if the icon has a bent arrow in the corner
Describe an easy way to tell if an icon is a shortcut.
The current directory changes to one directory back in the directory structure.
What is the result of the following command: CD..
Which one of the following file types is NOT an executable file?
What is another name for a folder?
Start button
The ________ is normally located in the lower left desktop corner and is used to access files, obtain help, launch applications, and add/remove hardware.
If Sam wants the filenames that are scrolling across his screen to momentarily stop so he can read them, the command he should use is:
My Computer
What option is used to access files located on various drives?
A directory within a directory is called a ________ directory.