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What mountains separate India from the rest of the world?


What is a subcontinent?

a large landmass that juts out from a contenent

Name the bodies of water that surround India?

indian ocaen

What is a monsoon?

a strong wind

Describe a winter monsoon?

comes from the northeast

Describe a summer monsoon?

comes from the indian ocean

What happens if the monsoon is late or weak?

crops die causing famine

What happens if the monsoon is brings too much rain?


What is the Hindu Kish mountain range?

a highway of migration

Where do great rivers begin?

in the montains

The Indus River crosses the Himalayas and empties into this body of water?

arabian sea

The Ganges River flows and empties into this body of water?

bay of bengal

Why is farming possible in northern India?

the rivers

What two cities flourished in the Indus River Valley?

harappa mohenjo-daro

Where are Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro located today?

inndus river valley

What do the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro tell us about the ancient city? ***

it was very well planned

What is a citadel? ***

a fortress city

How did people live in Mohenjo-Daro?

merchants and crafts men

Why did people leave the Indus Valley?

not realy known

Who were the newcomers to the Indus Valley region?


What does Aryan mean? ***


What does migrate mean?

to move from one place to the olther

What helped the Aryans to gain power?

horse drawn chariots

Most of what we know about early Aryalife comes from the religious books. What are these books called? ***


What does the word Vedas mean? ***


The Aryans organized their society around three classes. Name these classes.

brahmans, warriors and nobles, artisans and merchants

What is a Brahman? ***


What is the caste system? Explain in detail. ***

strict division of classes, they perform specific tasks, they stayed in the same class as thier parents

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