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  1. Morose
  2. Confound
  3. Tirade
  4. Antidote
  5. Ramble
  1. a Medicine to counteract a poison or disease; something that relieves a harmful effect
  2. b Extended scolding; denunciation; harangue
  3. c Wander aimlessly
  4. d Ill-humored; sullen
  5. e Confuse; puzzle

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  1. Faultless; having no flaws
  2. Composed of elements drawn from diverse sources
  3. Attacking cherished traditions
  4. Joyful enthusiasm; overflowing abundance
  5. Antiquated; extremely old

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  1. CandorFrankness; open honesty


  2. RazePublic speaker


  3. PenuryFrankness; open honesty


  4. DisdainWorldly as opposed to spiritual; everyday; concerned with the commonplace


  5. FallowFanatic; person who shows excessive zeal