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  1. boar
  2. minor
  3. led
  4. altogether
  5. pane
  1. a The seeing eye dog carefully led/lead his blind master across the busy street and up onto the high curb.
  2. b If we neglect minor/miner problems, they will grow into big problems.
  3. c The window pane/pain of my living room recently broke when the kids next door hit an errant baseball.
  4. d While hunting during a recent safari, we were charged by a wild boar/bore with tusks that were three feet long!
  5. e The noise in here is altogether/ all together excessive.

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  1. One piece/peace of the puzzle is missing.
  2. I recently bought a new red dress and am now hunting for a pair of red shoes to compliment/complement my dress.
  3. Coming down the isle/aisle of the dark theater required some careful stepping.
  4. The capital/capitol of Georgia is my hometown Atlanta.
  5. The hole/whole eight grade recently had two field trips!

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  1. passed"Back up! We have passed/past the address we are looking for!"


  2. borneSome people look much older than they are simply because they have born/borne so many worries and cares for so long.


  3. coarseWhat course/coarse should we follow in order to solve this problem?


  4. islesOf all water resorts, I most enjoy sailing in the Caribbean aisles/isles.


  5. courseWhat course/coarse should we follow in order to solve this problem?