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  1. isles
  2. counsel
  3. counselor
  4. course
  5. coarse
  1. a Of all water resorts, I most enjoy sailing in the Caribbean aisles/isles.
  2. b What course/coarse should we follow in order to solve this problem?
  3. c I have a problem that I cannot solve; thus, I need your consul/counsel council ,please.
  4. d If you have a problem with a bully in school, you should see your counselor/councilor immediately.
  5. e If one uses coarse/course language in the halls of Davis, they will most likely recieve a demerit or at least a stern lecture.

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  1. The fair/fare one must pay for entry to an IMAX movie can be pretty costly.
  2. The hole/whole eight grade recently had two field trips!
  3. The capital/capitol of Georgia is my hometown Atlanta.
  4. One piece/peace of the puzzle is missing.
  5. If we neglect minor/miner problems, they will grow into big problems.

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  1. complementI am always glad to hear the compliment/complement, "Mrs. Fields, my child was so well prepared for high school."


  2. altogetherThe noise in here is altogether/ all together excessive.


  3. aisleComing down the isle/aisle of the dark theater required some careful stepping.


  4. paneThe fair/fare one must pay for entry to an IMAX movie can be pretty costly.


  5. boarSome people look much older than they are simply because they have born/borne so many worries and cares for so long.