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  1. drift
  2. puppet
  3. refrain
  4. reckless
  5. instrument
  1. a investment in a company or in government debt which can be traded on the financial markets:
    They trade in the debt instruments of developing countries.
    increasingly complex financial instruments.
    eg: OTC interest rate instrument
  2. b a toy in the shape of a person or animal that you can move with strings or by putting your hand inside.
    a person or group whose actions are controlled by someone else.
    eg: Western powers have been accused of trying to establish a puppet government/regime in the divided country.
  3. c to avoid doing or stop yourself from doing something. eg:The U.N. chief has refrained from pronouncing the referendum illegitimate. Ukraine's interim authorities and their international supporters say it violated the country's constitution. But Ban has called on all parties in the country and those with influence to avoid actions that could escalate tensions.
  4. d doing something dangerous and not worrying about the risks and the possible results.
    He was found guilty of reckless driving.
    eg:But Moon said it is unlikely that North Korea would use its weapons recklessly. She said the government is more reasonable and practical than people think.
  5. e 1. [C] a pile of snow or something similar, formed by the wind.
    The snow lay in deep drifts.
    2. [S or U] a general development or change in a situation
    The downward drift in copper prices looks set to continue.
    eg:Dump trucks wait to unload snow removed from neighborhoods after heavy lake-effect snowstorms at the Central Terminal in Buffalo, New York. A snowfall that brought huge drifts and closed roads finally ended Friday.

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  1. a place, especially a small group of buildings or a town, which keeps going the authority or business interests of a government or company that is far away.
    a police/military/colonial outpost.
    eg:"You're just there at an outpost getting shot at with those guys."
    He says that kind of closeness is difficult to find when soldiers return to the United States.
  2. a person who attacks another person.The ministry said the assailant used automatic rifles and rocket launchers.
  3. a sudden attack on or act of going into a place, especially across a border
    incursions into enemy territory
    With battles raging to the north - near the rebel-held city of Luhansk, and southeast of the city of Donetsk — the fighting near Novoazovsk, a southern town along the Sea of Azov, appeared to be the most blatant incursion by Russian forces to date.
  4. broken or torn pieces of something larger.
    Debris from the aircraft was scattered over a large area.
    eg: A huge garbage patch in the north Pacific Ocean traps debris from both hemispheres and is a major environmental threat to sea life.Researchers in Honolulu are tracking the trash.
  5. Someone's nemesis is a person or thing that is very difficult for them to defeat.

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  1. antonyma pleasant musical sound made by different notes being played or sung at the same time
    singing in harmony
    It is a simple melody with complex harmonies.


  2. neurologicalrelating to nerves
    neurological disease/damage
    Alzheimer's disease is a neurological disorder.
    eg:He underwent nearly three months of treatment in an outdoor section of the hospital known as "Jardin des Sens" or Garden of the Senses, shielded from view. It specialises in the recovery of severely traumatised neurological patients by exposing them to water, scents and other elements.


  3. sighto breathe out slowly and noisily, expressing tiredness, sadness, pleasure, etc.:
    She sighed deeply and sat down.
    [+ speech] "I wish he was here," she sighed (= she said with a sigh).
    If the wind sighs, it makes a long, soft sound as it moves through trees:
    I lay on my back, listening to the sound of the wind sighing in the trees.

    eg: "Where is she now?" I asked.
    "Oh, she is away," the man sighed, putting the picture back on the little black shelf. "She went to visit her parents. They live forty or fifty miles from here. She has been gone two weeks today."
    eg:Sylvie gave a long sigh. She knew the wild bird's secret now. Slowly she began her dangerous trip down the ancient pine tree. She did not dare to look down and tried to forget that her fingers hurt and her feet were bleeding. All she wanted to think about was what the stranger would say to her when she told him where to find the heron's nest.


  4. commonwealtha country or part of a country that is governed by its people or representatives elected by its people.
    formal, a group of countries with the same political or economic aims
    eg: Judith Zoungnana, a Burkina Faso policewoman, smiles during a graduation ceremony from a security training course that included participants from several African and Commonwealth countries in Cairo, Egypt.


  5. bleeding-edgethe activity of cutting down trees for wood.
    logging companies.
    eg:Marco Lambertini is the WWF's International Director-General. He spoke to VOA about the report.

    "This is about losing natural habitats. This is about converting forests, grasslands, and wetlands into agriculture mainly, and it is about unsustainable use of wildlife. So, wildlife traffic, hunting, and unsustainable hunting practices like that. Poaching, as you mention, has been actually increasing over the last 10 years and is definitely a driving force for extinction, particularly of large species. But, also as you mention, there are dimensions to poaching that are related to timber, illegal logging and also fisheries."