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  1. ultrasound
  2. being a sheep
  3. glamorous
  4. lease breakage
  5. exceptional
  1. a Kindly advise lease breakage and applicable fees since I will be moving out of the apartment earlier than planned. The lease is the agreement you made with the apartment owners, set down in legal terms (contract) and signed by both sides of the agreement. "Breaking the lease" is another term for "breaking the agreement".
    As part of the agreement, you said you would stay in the apartment for a certain length of time. If you are moving out earlier, you are breaking the agreement you signed. The lease contract will contain info on fees.
    Some lease contracts have ways that you can get out early. One often found is that you are moving more than some distance away - often 50 miles or more. If you don't fit into any of those lease cancellation terms, then you are probably going to get hit with the fees listed in the contract.
  2. b n. a method of producing images by using a machine that produces sound waves which are too high to be heard
  3. c n., a person who follows or copies others, without thought.
    eg:In October, a Taiwan negotiator to China warned that Taiwanese lacked what he called aggressiveness and an enterprising spirit. He warned against "being a sheep" -- following others -- in the face of fast-growing China.

    The rarely heard criticism by a public official points to growing concern in Taiwan that young people are more likely to prefer a safe job to starting their own business. This way of thinking is different from that of their parents and modern mainland Chinese.

    This preference for safe jobs threatens new business startups on the island. Officials say such businesses are important for Taiwan's future as an exporter of goods from plastics to electronic products. Officials want Taiwanese to keep inventing and investing so they can remain competitive against other areas.
  4. d much greater than usual, especially in skill, intelligence, quality,
    an exceptional student.
    exceptional powers of concentration.
    The company has shown exceptional growth over the past two years.
    eg: President Obama noted in a statement that no nation is perfect. But he also said, "one of the strengths that makes America exceptional is our willingness to openly confront our past, face our imperfections, make changes and do better."
  5. e attractive in an exciting and special way

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  1. a dog with curly hair that is usually cut short, except on its head, tail and legs.
    eg: Other fads in the 1950s involved clothes or hair. Some women, for example, cut and fixed their hair to look like the fur of a poodle dog. Actress Mary Martin made the poodle cut famous when she appeared in the Broadway play, "South Pacific."
  2. the subjects studied in a school, college, etc. and what each subject includes; an integrated course of academic studies;eg: The government's argument that it should not have to support a non-local curriculum is nonsense when you consider that senior civil servants' children are educated either overseas or in international schools here at taxpayers' expense。
    The effort is being led by a group called Scholarism, which was established three years ago by 15- and 16-year-old high school students in opposition to nationalistic curriculum.
  3. when someone is officially found to be guilty of a particular crime
    .eg:The conviction of the three demonstrators has caused public outrage locally. eg: "There are procedures under U.S. law which provide for the freezing or seizure of assets prior to criminal conviction," said former U.S. Department of Justice official Nathaniel Edmonds. "Typically, there needs to be a relation [between the seized assets] to a specified unlawful activity which could include corruption or fraud."
  4. to enter a place again, or to join an activity again:
    [T] She reentered the game shortly after being injured.
    eg:NASA scientists used the flight to test the launch, control and reentry systems of the new exploration vehicle. NASA scientists were especially interested in how the spaceship's heat shield would perform as it faced temperatures of 2,200 degrees Celsius during reentry.
  5. extreme unhappiness caused by physical or mental suffering. eg:Amid the anguish some family members lashed out at journalists. As one family member cried, another yelled at a reporter, telling him to stop asking questions.

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  1. hugto hold someone or something close to your body with your arms, usually to show that you like, love or value them.
    Have you hugged your child today?
    eg:His mother, Katherine Ellison, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter. She did not understand why he behaved the way he did. And she admits that her behavior was only making the situation worse.
    "I was making things worse often by being anxious or being impatient or not understanding him. And I realized at some point that I really hadn't hugged him in a while. And I wasn't smiling when he came into the room because we were just having such a hard time."


  2. hastyhaving a colour between pink and red.
    Your rosy cheeks always make you look so healthy.
    eg:Among the ladies Ichabod taught was one Katrina Van Tassel. She was the only daughter of a rich Dutch farmer. She was a girl in bloom...much like a round red, rosy apple. Ichabod had a soft and foolish heart for the ladies, and soon found himself interested in Miss Van Tassel.
    Ichabod's eyes opened wide when he saw the riches of Katrina's farm: the miles of apple trees and wheat fields, and hundreds of fat farm animals. He saw himself as master of the Van Tassel farm with Katrina as his wife.


  3. melt awayUS also for scallywag.someone, especially a child, who has behaved badly but who is still liked.
    eg:The radicals did not rest with changes in the law. They also sent their supporters south to organize blacks for the Republican Party. Many southern whites hated these men from the North. They had a special name for them: carpetbaggers.
    The name arose because many of the northerners who went south arrived with all their possessions in a carpet handbag. Southerners also had a name for their own people who cooperated with the carpetbaggers. They called them scalawags. Neither name was friendly.


  4. doll(usually of large numbers of people during a violent event) to steal from shops and houses
    During the riot shops were looted and cars damaged or set on fire.
    Nixon said Saturday the state of emergency was not to silence people but to contain a handful of looters who are endangering the community.


  5. flurrya sudden, short period of activity, excitement or interest.
    The prince's words on marriage have prompted a flurry of speculation in the press this week.
    a flurry of activity.
    eg:A meeting between the Hungarian and Turkish prime ministers on Tuesday was the latest in a flurry of recent contacts between states on the planned route; all have been countries that have kept warm ties with Russia despite the Ukraine crisis.