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  1. couture
  2. closure
  3. Spot Transactions
  4. ferment
  5. division
  1. a when people disagree about something.
    eg:Disagreements about defence cuts have opened up deep divisions within the military.
    eg:Americans hoped that the new president would be able to bring the North and South together again. But Taylor really had no policy. He could not support a bill to keep slavery out of the territories. That might start a quick revolt among the southern states. He could not support a bill to let slavery spread into the territories. That would make the North rise in anger.

    Taylor tried to be neutral. He hoped the problem of slavery would solve itself. But the problem would not solve itself. The growing division between North and South will be our story next week.
  2. b Spot transaction the seller of goods can be sold, the buyer can only be sold to pay cash, which is trading stock trading program.
  3. c the designing, making and selling of expensive fashionable clothing, or the clothes themselves
    a couture show/collection/house.
    "I find inspiration in Korean poetry, architecture and natural landscapes, but I'm equally fascinated by the construction of traditional Parisian couture and, at the moment, by the women of New York and the way in which they approach fashion,'' he said.
  4. d n. a feeling that a bad experience (such as a divorce or the death of a family member) has ended and that you can start to live again in a calm and normal way.
    eg:From January to September of this year an estimated 230 migrants died trying to cross the border from Mexico into the United States. This is according to a new report released by the International Organization for Migration. The organization says that number might be higher.
    The exact number of victims is not known. Their names are also not known.
    But a university professor in Texas is trying to give closure to families who have lost relatives on the border.
  5. e (v.) to go through a chemical change that results in the production of alcohol.
    eg: Jason Osborne got help from his microbiologist friend Jasper Akerboom. Mr. Akerboom studies very small life forms and works as a brewing scientist at Lost Rhino. He says at first, he was not sure this was going to work. But, like a good scientist, he decided to experiment.
    "We took out 20 samples from all kinds of fossilized materials. This was all done in Calvert Marine Museum in Maryland. And one of the samples started to ferment."
    The result was surprising.
    "It tastes very good. It tastes very fruity, very earthy. It is very dry."
    So the brewers decided to brew a larger amount for buyers.

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  1. only; eg: This offer is available exclusively to our established customers.
  2. unfriendly or easily annoyed
    Overnight, it seemed, their relationship had turned sour.
    eg: It's still in a very sour political state. The relationship is still at its lowest point.
  3. a moment at which a person realizes or solves something. eg:The scientists may have recorded the first snapshots of a Eureka moment.
  4. a musical instrument consisting of flat wooden bars of different lengths which you hit with a pair of sticks that have hard, round ends made from wood or plastic
  5. another word for 'yes'.
    "Would you prefer not to work?" "Oh aye, I'd stop tomorrow if I could."
    All those who support this proposal say "Aye".
    eg:Radio cannot show the faces in the pictures. But you can get an idea about their feelings by the names of some of the popular songs of the period. One of the most famous was "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition." Another was "He Is One-Aye in the Army, and He's One-Aye in My Heart." And one of the most hopeful songs was "When the Lights Go on Again All Over the World."

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  1. rugwhen you pat a person or animal.
    I gave the little boy a pat on the head.
    eg:One of the pictures on the wall was not hanging straight. He noticed it and went to fix it. He stepped back several times to make sure the picture was really straight. Then he gave it a gentle touch with his hand.

    "She always does that," he explained to me. "It is like the finishing pat a mother gives her child's hair after she has brushed it. I have seen her fix all these things so often that I can do it just the way she does. I don't know why I do it. I just do it."


  2. poacherto be unwilling to do something


  3. scepticaldoubting that something is true or useful
    eg: Although a civil court has now ruled authorities cannot use force to disperse demonstrators, many protestors are sceptical they will be unmolested.


  4. eggheada solid lump of a valuable metal (such as gold).
    James Marshall found the gold nugget in January 1848. Mr. Marshall was building a sawmill near the American River in central California. When he looked in the water, he saw shiny pieces of metal. One of them was about the size of a fingernail. Mr. Marshall took the piece and put it in his mouth.


  5. pilot(usually of large numbers of people during a violent event) to steal from shops and houses
    During the riot shops were looted and cars damaged or set on fire.
    Nixon said Saturday the state of emergency was not to silence people but to contain a handful of looters who are endangering the community.


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