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  1. George Rogers Clark
  2. John Dickinson
  3. Thomas Jefferson
  4. Marquis De Lafayette
  5. Allies
  1. a brave nobleman from france. he was made a major general before the age of 20. he used his own money for food and supplies for his army. he was very close to george washington
  2. b He signed the "delclaration of independance" he wanted to convince the americans to rebel agaisnt the king. He said people shouldnt change their system of government without a good reason.
  3. c Leader of a small Patriot force that captured British-controlled Fort Vincennes in the Ohio Valley in 1779., secured the Northwest Territory for America
  4. d an alliance of nations joining together to fight a common enemy
  5. e Pennsylvania lawyer and leading Patriot- wanted to petition against King George III wrote the Olive tree petition

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  1. Also known as Hessians. Hired Soldiers
  2. a general and progressive increase in prices
  3. Cruel and unjust use of power
  4. He was Polish and a Jew. He wanted religious freedom and liberty in his country. He fled Poland when it was invaded by Russia and came to America. He was shy, could speak several languages, and had a reputation for integrity. He spied on the British for the Americans when he was captured by the British. The French also made him a general and their army paymaster. He helped fund the Continental Congress and pay their salaries. When he died in 1785, at the age of 45, he was penniless and had given everything he owned to America.
  5. Still pledge loyalty to King George III but are still asking Britain to respect the rights and liberties of the colonies, repeal oppressive legislation, and British troops out of the colonies; George 3 didn't want anything to do with them and declared all colonies in a state of rebellion

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  1. Baron Von SteubenWashington ambushed Hessians on Christmas night and defeated them. Washington also defeated the British army near Princeton.
    1776, 1777
    two major victories


  2. Nathan HaleHe replaces General Gage and evacuates Boston to British Canada. Loyalists go with British.


  3. Guerrillassmall bands of fighters who weaken the enemy with surprise raids and hit-and-run attacks. like pirates


  4. General HoweBritish general who surrendered at yorktown


  5. Thomas PainePatriot and writer whose pamphlet Common Sense, published in 1776, convinced many Americans that it was time to declare independence from Britain.


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