CRST 290 - Test 1 (part 3)

Notes from Movie Expelled
He contends that professors from around the United States are being fired from their jobs for promoting, or even exploring the possibility of, intelligent design as an alternative to Darwinism
Ben Stein
Academic freedom is being suppressed, says
Ben Stein
Freedom is the way to equality
Thomas Jefferson
Ben Stein argues that we are losing are freedom in
He dared to publish an article by Dr. Stephen C. Meyers one of the leading lights of Intelligent Design movement, the paper fired a storm of Controversial article, which suggested that intelligent design might be able to explain how life begin. He lost his office, his political and religious belief were investigated, and was pressure to resign. He was viewed as an intellectual terrorist because of giving the topic of intelligent design some credibility
Dr. Richard V. Sternberg crime
head of Publisher Skeptic Magazine; said intelligent design is unproven, it's nonsense, Skepticism -is not a position that you take it's just an approach to claim
Michael Shermer
she simply mentioned intelligent design in her cell biology class at George Mason University her career came to an abrupt end, her adviser told her I'm going to have to discipline you for teaching about intelligent design or creationism so she lost her job and not able to find a job anywhere, supposedly George Mason University stand for academic freedom but is not true
Dr. Caroline Cracker
neurosurgeon, wrote an essay to High School students (controversial essay) saying that doctors didn't need to know evolution in order to practice medicine that Darwinist were quick to try to exterminate this knew thread. People suggested that he should retired,
Dr. Michael Egnor
Baylor University shut down his research web site and forced him to return grant money once they discover a link between his work and intelligent design.
Professor Robert J. Marks II
Astronomer, found himself in a shoot-out in Iowa State University following the publication of his book the "Privileged Planet" telling that the Universe was intelligently design despite of his research that has led to the discover of several planets his application for tenure was denied putting his career in jeopardy. "If value career keep quiet about their intelligent design view,"
Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez
professor of Philosophy, people who are doing the intelligent design they are all no product
Dr. Daniel Dennett
Professor of Biology, said intelligent design is an institute that sucks in money, to try to get it in the school
Dr. P.Z. Myers
National center for Science Education, bring it on
Dr. Eugenie Scott
in Seattle best scientific evidence is available, it tries to figure out why Darwinism theory is felling,
Discovery Institute
claimed that ID had nothing to do with religion
Mr. Shatman
Darwin denies; Links with discovery institute, said Intelligent design: is the study of pattern in nature that are best explained as a result of intelligence , a minimal commitment scientifically and possibly detection of intelligent causation, It doesn't include God
Paul Nelson
A founder of the Discovery Institute leading lobbyist for intelligent design,
Stephen C. Meyer
employed by Discovery Institute, writer of numerous disruptive book, is a creationist, evidence is being distorted
Jonathan Wells
Critic of evolution, author of numerous articles, he says ask the question if Darwin theory clear enough that it can be corrected? Darwin theory is a mess, smoke but elegant smoke, We don't even know what a species is,
David Berlinski
an evolutionist, atheists; has devoted his entire life in saying that God does not exist, that said "evolution is a fact is a fact which is established secure as any other -fact that we have in science;" "People who don't believe in Evolution are ignorant and stupid;" book called the GOD DILUSION
Richard Dawkins
from Big Bang to Humankind
Cosmic Origins
The most popular idea is that life emerges spontaneously from amoral soup
Stanley Miller
Inorganic Theory to a cell is by crystals, we came from crystals, mud to a living cell
Dr. Michael Reusse
author of the "Mysteries of Life's Origin", said "there would have to be a minimum of 200 or 250 proteins to provide minimal life function if that's true is conceive that life can be achieved" (casino of life)
Dr. Walter Bradley
Molecular biologist, said it was impossible that it would have to be one and a trillion, trillion ...
Dr. Doug Axe
said that life was seeded on earth, Aliens did it
Frances Creig
Brain tumor, do not believe there is a God
Dr. Provine