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27 terms

Ch. 8

Electronic Data Interchange
Electronic Health Record
Electronic Medical Claim
Electronic Remittance Advice
National Standard Format
Electronic Data Interchange
Exchange of data in a standardized format through computer systems is a technology known as______
The allowable set of codes that anyone could use to enter into a specific space on a form
An ________ is an add-on software to practice management systems that can greatly reduce the time it takes to check claims
Superbill; Charge Slip
Two other names for an ENCOUNTER FORM
2 weeks or less
Payment to the provider of service of an electronically submitted insurance claim may be received in approx.____
T/F Always back up files at the end of the day or several times a week
T/F Employees who handle sensitive computer documents should sign an annual confidentiality statement
T/F When an insurance billing specialist emails a collegue to ask a coding ?. it is permissible to refer to the case using it patients' name
T/F A status report will contain the claims that were accepted only
T/F Clearinghouses charge a flat monthly fee
T/F An online transaction about the status of a claim is called an electronic remittance advice
T/F The CMS requires all providers to have and use taxonomy codes.
T/F When transmitting elecrtonic claims, inaccuracies that violate the HIPAA standard transaction format are known as syntax errors
T/F An organization may file a complaint online against someone whose actions impact the ability of a transaction to be accepted or efficiently processed by using the Administration Simplification Enforcement Tool (ASET)
T/FIncidental uses and disclosures of protected helath info (PHI) are permissible under HIPAA when reasonable safeguards have been used to prevent inappropriate revelation of PHI
T/F Deleting files or formatting the hard drive is sufficient to keep electronic PHI from being accessed
T/F Employees who handle sensitive computer documents should sign an annual confidentiality statement
Accounts Receivable
The most important function of a practice management system is_____
Add-on software to a practice management system that can reduce the time it takes to build or review a claim before batching is known as_________
Software that is used in a networl that serves as a group of users working on a related project allowing access to the same data is called a ______
Medical Code Set
Under HIPAA, data elements that are used uniformly to document why patients are seen (diagnosis) and what is done to them during their encounter (Procedure) is known as________
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
A paperless computerized system that enables payments automatically to be transferred to a physicians bank acct. by a 3rd party payer may be done via ______