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social studies: reconstruction


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what economy was completely destroyed?
2/3 of what was destroyed in the south?
what two sides of government had a damaged relationship?
federal and state
who wins control of reconstruction?
the proclamation of amnesty and reconstruction said if ____of southerners swore loyalty to the union, the south would have their government recognized and rejoin the union.
though congress and the president argued over who would lead reconstruction, what did they both agree on abolishing?
radical republicans didn't want _______ _______ to be involved with politics again
confederate leaders
radical republicans wanted republicanism _________ ____ ___ ____
instituted in the south
why did radical republicans want african american equality
because they would vote republican
who becomes president in 1865 after Lincoln's death
Andrew Johnson
southerners called him a traitor and republicans thought he was on their side
both were wrong
who did the president favor in easy reconstruction
the south
who controlled congress and wanted a harsh reconstruction
the radical republicans
who was the first black senator from Mississippi and took the place of Jefferson Davis
hiram revels
literacy exams, the grandfather clause, and poll taxes hurt who?
blacks and poor whites
southerners that supported the republican party were called
came from the north and took advantage of the south's state
republican officials taking bribes, democrats using it to their advantage
-federal crime that combat ones right to vote
-federal elections were under supervision of marshals
-KKK act passed to prohibit clan activity
were all passed to stop
the kkk
untouched by corruption and scandal, what democrat took presidency with the compromise of 1877
rutherford b hayes