7th grade religion

the community of people who believe in Jesus Christ, have been bapized in him, and follow his teaching
Divine Revelation
God making himself known to us
divine inspiration
the special guidance that the Holy Spirit gave to the human authors of the Bible
Paschal Mystery
the suffering, death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus Christ
in the Bible a solemn agreement between God and his people
God's plan for and protection of all creation
eternal life
a life of happiness with God forever
Immaculate Conception
the truth that God made Mary free from original sin and from all sin from the very moment she was concived
the truth that the Son of God, the second person of the Blesses Trinity, became man and lived among us
the announcement to Mary that she would be the mother of the Son of God
letters found in the New Testament to the early christian communities about God's revelation in Jesus Christ
a gift from God that enables us to believe in God, accept all that he has revealed, and to respond with God and others
Jesus' return in all his glory to his Father in heaven
the sharing of the good news of Jesus Christ and the love of God with all people, in every circumstance of life.
The living, teaching office of the Church, consisting of the pope and the bishops
Explain the two ways God reveals his truth to us
through scripture tradition
Explain what free will is
God's gift to human beings of the freedom and ability to choose what to do
What prayer sums up Jesus' whole message of trust in and love for God the Father?
The Our Father
The Apostle John refers to Jesus as what who became man and lived among us?
the word
teachings of Jesus that describe the way to live as his disciples of Jesus contained in what is called the Sermon on the Mount
What is the central mystery of our Catholic Faith?
the blessed trinity
Explain some of the teachings Jesus used to help people learn more of God's Kingdom
Jesus reffered to Himself as the Bread of Life. He gave His apostels a special way to remember Him and to be with Him Forever. What is this special way that Jesus is presented?
the Eucharist
How did the writings of the Old Testament develop?
Through tradition and word of mouth
Explain the importance of the deposit of faith and the magisterium
Describe two of Jesus' miracles and explain what each one tells us about Jesus and His mission
the fishermen and the sower... both say that different people can be in the kingdom of God
Who is God and who is Jesus
In the Blessed Trinity God is the Father and Jesus is the Son