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7th grade history chapter 7 section 2

Articles of Confederation
The government under the _____________ faced many problems.
After the Revolutionary War, the United states experienced a ___________.
Suffering American farmer'srevolted aginst government treatment they felt was unfair in _______ Rebellion.
The Revolutionary War brought ________ to the contradiction between the American battle for liberty and the practice of _____.
Rhode Island and New Jersey
Between 1783 and 1804, Connecticut, _______ New York, and ________ passed laws that gradually ended slavery.
________ passed a law that encouraged manumission, the freeing of individual enslaved persons.
The Quakers
Which group organized the first American antislavery society?
_________ leaders reshape the government.
In September 1786, Alexander Hamilton _________ calling a convention in Philadelphia to discuss trade issues.
Edmund Randolph
____________ introduced the Virginia Plan, which was largely the work of James Madison.
The Virginia plan: vreated a _______ national government.
The Virginia plan: called for a two-house _________ a chief executive chosen by the legislature, and a court system.
The Virginia plan: made the number of representatives in legislature proportional to the __________ of each state.
The Virginia plan: was unpopular with the _______ states.
William ________ proposed the New Jersey Plan, which was designed to simply amend the Articles of confederation.
George Washington
Who presided over the meetings at the Constitutional Convention?
On June 19, the states voted to work toward a __________ government based on the Virginia Plan that also satisfied the small states.
great compermise
Roger Sherman of Connecticut suggested a compromise for determining representation that came to be known as the _____________.
The Three-Fifths Compromise counted each enslaved person as three-fifths of free person for both _________ and representation.
To keep the _________ states in the nation, Northerners agreed that the congress could not interfere with the slave trade until 1808.
George Mason proposed a bill of rights to be included in the _________ but his proposal was defeated.
On September 17, 1787, the delegated assembled in _____________ to sign the constitution.
The Senate
According to the Great Compromise, in which house would each state be represented by two members?