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  1. Bull and Bear Markets
  2. Albert Lasker
  3. "Painting the Tape"
  4. Black Tuesday (10/29/29)
  5. Washington Naval Conference
  1. a delegates from 9 countries (not Russia) agreed to a Naval Holiday, in which they would not build warships for the next 10 yrs, to respect one anothers interests in the Pacific and uphold the Open Door Policy in China
  2. b making a stock look good
  3. c Bull-period when prices are on the rise
    Bear- period of decline in prices
  4. d used new advertising techniques to help get Harding elected
  5. e the day the stock market crashed

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  1. FDR's foreign policy of promoting better relations with Latin America by using economic influence rather than military force in the region
  2. A paternalistic system of labor relations emphasizing management responsibility for employee well-being
  3. the practice of making high-risk investments with borrowed money in hopes of getting a big return
  4. Sec. of State, proposes disarmament, others agree
  5. Region of the Great Plains that experienced a drought lasting for a decade, leaving many farmers without work or substantial wages

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  1. Budget & Accounting Act of 1921designed to reduce gov't waste and spending, created the Bureau of Budget


  2. The Cult of BusinessSouthern states whom were regarded as solidly supporting the Democratic Party, until the Election of 1928 when republican Hoover wins


  3. Five Areas of the EconomyIndustry, Agriculture, Consumer Spending, Distribution of Wealth, and Stock Market


  4. Stocksshares of ownership in a company


  5. Federal Home Loan Bank Acthelped farmers market their crops


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