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  1. Five Areas of the Economy
  2. Charles Evans Hughes
  3. Chemical Scandal
  4. Bureau of the Budget
  5. Frederick Taylor
  1. a popularized the concept of scientific management
  2. b Industry, Agriculture, Consumer Spending, Distribution of Wealth, and Stock Market
  3. c money received from a chemical swindle was put into an account controlled by General Daugherty who eventually was forced to resign
  4. d required all departments to submit annual budgets and funding requests, set up a gov't fiscal year starting July 1.
  5. e Sec. of State, proposes disarmament, others agree

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  1. designed to protect American Business,voided the Underwood Tariff, raised taxes on US imports to 60%
  2. United States general who served as chief of staff and commanded Allied forces in the South Pacific during World War II, disobeyed Hoover's cautious orders and led cavalry, infantry, and tanks against Bonus Marchers
  3. Region of the Great Plains that experienced a drought lasting for a decade, leaving many farmers without work or substantial wages
  4. a wave of corporate mergers swept over the 1920s economy, spread of Oligopoly by Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler
  5. making a stock look good

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  1. Calvin Coolidgesworn into presidency in 1924, "Keep Cool with Coolidge", had a pro-business attitude


  2. Washington Naval Conferencedelegates from 9 countries (not Russia) agreed to a Naval Holiday, in which they would not build warships for the next 10 yrs, to respect one anothers interests in the Pacific and uphold the Open Door Policy in China


  3. Budget & Accounting Act of 1921Al Smith (Dem) vs. Herbert Hoover (Rep), Hoover wins


  4. Federal Home Loan Bank Actagency which tried to restructure mortages on homes + farms by creating special banks which would aid the banks that had issued the loans


  5. War Debt Cycle (Dawes Plan)Provided for annual reparations of $250 million that would increase over the next 5 years