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  1. Bureau of the Budget
  2. Warren G. Harding
  3. Chemical Scandal
  4. Price Supports
  5. Fundamentalists
  1. a a Protestant religious movement grounded in the belief that all the stories and details in the Bible are literally true
  2. b required all departments to submit annual budgets and funding requests, set up a gov't fiscal year starting July 1.
  3. c Government-supported minimum prices for agricultural products
  4. d limited gov't role in business/social reform, creates the Bureau of the Budget
  5. e money received from a chemical swindle was put into an account controlled by General Daugherty who eventually was forced to resign

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  1. dam on the colorado river built during the depression to create jobs
  2. Factory/business employing workers whether or not they are union members; in practice, such a business usually refuses to hire union members and follows anti-union policies
  3. people had huge debts because they purchased on the installment plan, people borrowed money to speculate on the stock market
  4. Al Smith (Dem) vs. Herbert Hoover (Rep), Hoover wins
  5. signed by 64 nations to "outlaw war as a means of resolving disputes between countries"

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  1. Rugged IndividualismA paternalistic system of labor relations emphasizing management responsibility for employee well-being


  2. StocksRegion of the Great Plains that experienced a drought lasting for a decade, leaving many farmers without work or substantial wages


  3. "Painting the Tape"making a stock look good


  4. Walter Watersled the Bonus Army


  5. Great Depressionthe nation's worst economic crisis, extending through the 1930s, producing unprecedented bank failures, unemployment, and industrial and agricultural collapse