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4th grade 2019 Clover Bowl 4-H Questions


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In what year did the 4-H Camp at Crossville open?
Absolutely nothing!
What does it cost to join 4-H in Tennessee?
Exploring 4-H
What is the name of the manual 4th graders receive in 4-H club meetings?
4th through 12th Grades
4-H is open to young people of what school grades?
In how many 4-H contests must you participate in order to be eligible for Junior 4-H camp?
Ages 9 to 19
4-H is open to young people of what age range?
What is the Tennessee 4-H website address?
The Southern Region 4-H Teen Leadership Conference is better known by what acronym?
Jan. 1st of current year
What is the reference date used in 4-H for grade?
Junior 4-H members are in what grade?
The University of Tennessee
4-H members in Tennessee are in a sense students at what University?
Lelan Statom (Channel 5) (Pronounced LEE-LUN STATE-UM)
What Nashville weather man was a 4-H member from Dyer County and emcees the State 4-H History Bowl?
4-H members paid in produce, such as a bushel of corn, etc.
Compare and Contrast how the original payment for 4-H camp differed from today's?
The white sweaters with the Vol State emblem.
What did Tennessee 4-H members wear to National Congress for the first time in 1947?
They painted murals on the walls of the Rec Hall (The murals were scenes from their homeland.)
POW's during World War II decorated what is now the Clyde M. York 4-H Center in what unique way?
University of Tennessee and Tennessee State University
Name the two institutions which help develop the Tennessee 4-H program?
West Virginia
In what state was the 4-H All-Star program first organized?
The Angel or 600A Form
What form must a 4-H Agent or volunteer leader have before a 4-H'er can attend an event?
A verbal or spoken justification of why you placed a JUDGING class a certain way
What are oral reasons?
The 4-H Poster Contest
In which 4-H contest would you make a "mini 4-H billboard?"
10 seconds
How long does a person have to answer a Clover Bowl question after "buzzing in?"
14 by 22 inches
What is the correct size for a 4-H poster?
In which 4-H contest would you actually show someone how to do something?
Judging Teams
What 4-H activity deals with the learning of decision-making skills?
Horizontal or Landscaped
A 4-H Art Poster must be oriented in what direction?
Three to Five Minutes
A demonstration should last how long?
4th Grade
In what grade is 4-H first offered?
The State 4-H Horse show is held each year in what Tennessee city?
Explorer (4-H'er)
What is the term for a 4th grade 4-H member?
To acquaint 4-H members with themselves and their surrounding.
What is the purpose of the 4-H Clover Bowl in Tennessee?
Public Speaking
In which 4-H contest would you try to inform, entertain or persuade?
How many judging teams are offered in Tennessee 4-H?
An unprepared speech (Senior members do this in addition to a prepared speech)
What does the term "extemporaneous" mean as it relates to 4-H?
2 minutes
An extemporaneous speech should last no more than how many minutes?
Only Senior High
4-H is required to be mentioned in a speech in which age levels?
The Tennessee 4-H Foundation
What 4-H organization was formed in 1953 to raise funds for 4-H in Tennessee?
Target SMART
What is the official name of the 4-H shooting sports program?
The Vice-President
Which 4-H officer's main duty is to get someone to do parts of the program?
Carrie Harrison
What person wrote the 4-H motto?
The Vice-President
Which 4-H officer presides in the President's absence?
The President
Which 4-H officer's main duty is to preside over the meetings?
How many 4-H regions are there in Tennessee?
4-H All-Stars
What is the name of the state-wide leadership organization designed for Sr. High 4-H'ers?
State 4-H Director
What is the title of the person who officially heads up the 4-H program in Tennessee?
The Secretary
Which 4-H officer's main duty is the writing of the minutes?
The President Calls the Meeting to Order.
What is the first order of business in any 4-H meeting?
A 4-H Volunteer Leader
Any person, other than an agent, who works with 4-H members in any capacity is called a what?
Adults, teens, and volunteers are examples of what group of people who help agents conduct the 4-H program?
The Secretary (although this is often done silently)
Which 4-H officer has the duty of checking the roll?
Adjourn (UH JURN)
What is another word used to dismiss a 4-H club meeting?
They "stand approved as read"
What happens if there are no corrections to the minutes?
State 4-H Council President (Elected at State 4-H Round-Up)
What is the highest elected office that a 4-H member can obtain in Tennessee 4-H?
Current 9th Grade Members
At what grade in school can 4-H Honor Club members become All Stars?
The Vol State Award
What award, given at State Round-Up, is the highest level of recognition a 4-H member in Tennessee can receive?
About 15,000 (If they guess a number, it needs to be between 14,000 and 16,000.)
How many adults served as 4-H Volunteers each year in Tennessee?
The Minutes
What is another term for a written record of the 4-H club meeting?
World War I
Which war helped to initiate the 4-H club program?
G.L. Herrington
Who served the longest as State 4-H Leader in Tennessee?
Otis Hall (from Kansas)
Who wrote the 4-H Pledge?
Tennessee 4-H Roundup
What current 4-H event was named Tennessee 4-H Club Short Course in 1939?
State 4-H Roundup (started in 1923 originally called "State Club Camp")
What was the first state-wide 4-H event in Tennessee?
The Tomato (girls) and Corn Clubs (boys)
What two organizations served as the forerunners of 4-H in Tennessee?
Tennessee 4-H Roundup
What current 4-H event was originally named State Club Camp in 1923?
The Smith-Lever Act (of 1914)
What Federal Law provided the funding for the 4-H program in the United States?
Tennessee 4-H Congress
At what 4-H event is the 4-H Governor elected?
UT Knoxville and UT Martin
State 4-H Round-Up is held at two different locations in Tennessee. Name these locations.
"Camp Crossville"
What was the official name of the POW Camp now known as Clyde M York 4-H Center?
The Hale Master 4-H Family
What is the award given the 4-H family who has shown "exceptional participation in all phases of 4-H club work?"
A Tulip Poplar Tree Was Planted
What Tennessee symbol was placed at the National 4-H Center in Washington by Tennessee 4-H'ers in 1970?
They got to name a ship (S.S. Charles Keffer)
How were Tennessee 4-H'ers honored for their contribution to the World War II war effort?
Compiled a History on Tennessee 4-H - "4-H a Tennessee Tradition"
What did Tennessee 4-H do to celebrate Homecoming '86?
A soil sample (the samples were sent to help nourish the Tennessee State tree planted at the National 4-H Center)
At the 1970 Tennessee 4-H Congress, each county delegation brought something from their county. What was it?
The Vice-President
Which 4-H officer is in charge of arranging the room for the meeting?
4-H Honor Club
What is the name of the leadership organization designed for 7th and 8th grade 4-H'ers?
Camp Woodlee (near McMinnville)
Where did southern Middle Tennessee counties attend 4-H camp before moving to Crossville in 1960?
Collegiate 4-H
Former 4-H members, who are students at Tennessee Tech, MTSU and the University of Tennessee, can still take part in 4-H activities through what organization?
Pat Head Summitt, Coach of the Lady Vols Basketball Team
What UT sports legend was at one time a 4-H member?
UT Extension (University of Tennessee Extension)
What is the name of the organization that administers the 4-H program in Tennessee?
World War II Prisoner of War Camp
What was the original use of the 4-H camp at Crossville?
The mythical German POW "Herman the German"
According to 4-H legend, who stalks around Clyde M York 4-H Center at night looking for his lost leg?
The Scribe
What is the name of the 4-H All-Star officer who serves as the secretary?
The State 4-H Council
What is the name of the collective group of officers installed at State 4-H Roundup?
This is the smallest 4-H project although this fact may "bug" some people.
The Tennessee Association of Extension 4-H Workers
What does TAE4-HW mean?
Washington, D.C.
Citizenship Focus, a national 4-H event dealing with government, takes place in what city?
Becoming a better more responsible citizen is taught in which 4-H project?
What is the most popular 4-H livestock project?
How many projects are offered to Tennessee 4-H members?
In which 4-H project would you work with younger 4-H members and learn more about the parliamentary procedure?
Service learning is part of what 4-H project?
Food Preservation (in 1912) (now part Food Science project)
Which 4-H project is generally considered to be the first one organized in Tennessee?
Computers and Technology
What is the newest 4-H project?
Morgan Hall
What is the name of the building on the UT campus in which the State 4-H Office is located?
Flag Retreat
What is the name of the inspirational ceremony which takes place at camp right about sundown?
Wilson County (1994)
The 4-H Clover Bowl was held for the first time in what county?
Clyde M. York 4-H Center in Crossville
Where does the Southern Regional Teen Leadership Conference take place?
The Clyde York 4-H Center is located in what Tennessee town?
Washington, D.C. (Chevy Chase, Maryland)
In what city is the National 4-H Center located?
Junior High (6th, 7th, & 8th Grades)
State Academic Conference is open to 4-H members of what age group?
National 4-H Congress
What 4-H event traditionally takes place right after Thanksgiving?
Tennessee 4-H Congress
At which State 4-H event do 4-H members act as representatives and senators?
A 4-H agent
What is the title of a person employed by the University of Tennessee to conduct the 4-H program?
Flag Raising
What is the name of the inspirational ceremony which takes place at 4-H camp right after sunrise?
Demonstration Agents
What were 4-H Agents originally referred to in Tennessee?
In what Tennessee city does State 4-H Electric Camp take place?
William P Ridley 4-H Center
Name the 4-H Center located in Columbia
Where does Tennessee 4-H Congress take place?
What is the name of the inspirational ceremony held at the end of each day at 4-H camp?
Tennessee 4-H Congress
At which state event do members wear green 4-H sweaters as part of their official dress?
4-H Fashion & Design Conference
At what 4-H event do members go shopping at the mall and participate in a fashion show?
The University of Tennessee and Tennessee State University
The 4-H program in Tennessee is organized and maintained by what two institutions?
Tennessee 4-H Congress
State 4-H winners in Leadership, Citizenship, and Public Speaking are crowned at what 4-H event?
Tennessee 4-H Congress
At what state 4-H event do 4-H members participate in "Know Your Government" activities?
What is the All Star motto?
The Gavel
Don Bowman made what in 1948 which is handed down each year to the state 4-H Council President?
Washington County (the oldest county in Tennessee)
The "Tradition of the Gavel" refers to the gavel constructed by Don Bowman containing a piece of cherry wood from what original courthouse?
The Leula Lee (pronounced EYE-OOO-LA)
What is the name of the medal presented in Tennessee to State 4-H winners?
The 4-H Honor Club (The "H" of course stands for Honor)
Which 4-H group actually has adopted a fifth "H"?
The 4-H Clover
Which 4-H symbol by law cannot be covered in any way by text or graphics when printed?
The Clyde Austin 4-H Center is located in what Tennessee town?
William Ridley (Columbia)
Target SMART is held at which 4-H Center?
Clearer Thinking
4-H members pledge their heads to what?
Atlanta, Georgia
Where has National 4-H Congress been held since 1997?
Citizenship Washington Focus
At what 4-H event would you see the changing of the guard of the Unknown Soldier?
Citizenship Washington Focus
The White House, Monticello, and Mount Vernon are visted during which 4-H event?
During what time of the year does Tennessee 4-H Congress take place?
State 4-H Roundup
At what senior 4-H event would you take a college tour?
Shotgun, Muzzleloader, Archery and Rifle Training
In the 4-H Target SMART program, what does the acronym "SMART" stand for?
Which 4-H project could be defined as learning how to influence people to make some kind of change?
Milk or Dairy Products (as part of June Dairy Month)
4-H members celebrate what product each June?
Mertie Hardin
Who is considered to be the first 4-H member in Tennessee?
Be a state winner in a 4-H project
What is the most common way to earn a trip to National 4-H Congress?
The Tennessee 4-H Performing Arts Troupe
Name the group of teens who promote 4-H by singing and dancing....performing most notably at Tennessee 4-H Congress.
Head, Heart, Hands, and Health
What are the 4 "H's"?
4-H: A Tennessee Tradition
What is the name of the official Tennessee 4-H History?
The Pledge of Allegiance
When leading the 4-H Pledge and the Pledge of Allegiance, which pledge should be led first?
The 4-H emblem was adopted in what year?
The 4-H Clover
What 4-H symbol is copyrighted?
Better Living
4-H members pledge their health to what?
To Make the Best Better!
What is the 4-H Motto?
Green and White
What are the 4-H colors?
A Four-Leaf Clover
What is the 4-H Emblem?
"and my world"
What phrase was not part of the original 4-H pledge?
Greater Loyalty
4-H members pledge their hearts to what?
The 4-H Pledge
In which pledge would you face the group not the flag?
Learn by Doing
What is the 4-H slogan?
The first full week in October
What is the traditional date of National 4-H Week?
The 4-H Pledge was adopted in what year?
Thought for the Day
What is the name of the inspirational part of the 4-H club meeting?
Larger Service
4-H members pledge their hands to what?