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class notes for the test tuesday, 12/7/10

Global Stratification

unequal distribution of wealth, power, and prestige on a global or societal basis

control over basic resources

what the hierarchial arrangement of large social groups is based on

social mobility

the movement of individuals or groups from one level in a stratified system to another

ingenerational mobility

movement of people from one generation to the next

intragenerational mobility

movement of individuals within their own lifetime

caste system

system of social inequality based on people's profession


extreme form of a closed system

class system

type of stratification based on ownership and control of resources or based on income and type of work

Low Income

income category with the per capita GDP being $825 or less

Middle Income

per capita GDP being $825 to $10,000 annually

High Income

percapita GDP being more than $10,000 annually

Low Income

countries that make up for about 50% of the world's population whose economies are poor, rural, or agrarian where women and children are particuarly at risk

Middle Income

1/3 of the world, divided into lower and uper categories with economies ranging from agrarian to post industrial, some progress up while others progress down

High Income

25 nations with slower economic growth than middle income, control 75-80% of the world's wealth

Upper middle

countries like Brazil, Russia, and eastern europe in the middle income category

lower middle

countries like el salvador, Iran, colombia, and indonesia in the middle income category

Absolute Poverty

type of poverty where people can't secure basic needs of life like food, clean water, and adequate shelter

Relative poverty

type of poverty where people can afford the basic life necessities but not an average standard of living for thier society

subjective poverty

measuring and comparing actual income & wealth against a person's expectations and perceptions

Human Development Index

measures development and quality of life in a nation by looking at life expectancy, educational standards, GNP, and other living standards


a stage of complete physical, mental, and social well-being (not just a disease or injuries)


the ability to read or write a short and simple sentence about their every day life with understanding


amount of the world that is illiterate


the highest income-producing global criminal activity produced by Central/South America, Myanmar, Afghanistan and the US, used by US, China, and Europe


second largest global criminal activity, producers Russia, China, N. Korea, USA, EU, used by Africa, Latin America, and SE Asia


third largest global criminal activity, supplied by China, S. Asia, Africa, and Latin America, used by USA, Europe and Persian Gulf

Traffic and Sale of Women and Children

fourth largest global criminal activity, most in bonded labor & debt in prostitution or sex trade, domestic services, cloth making, crop picking supplied by poor world (Russia, China, SE Asia, Latin America) used by Japan, Persian Gulf States, Europe, and US

Traffic and Sale of Human Body Parts

fifth largest global criminal activity used for medical industry and transplanst supplied by Asia, SE Asia, and Latin America, used by USA, Europe, and Japan


highest fertility rate


lowest fertility rate


highest male to female ratio


lowest male to female ratio


highest life expectancy


lowest life expectency


fastest population growth


lowest population growth


highest contraceptive use


lowest contraceptive use


highest infant mortality rate


lowest infant mortality rate


highest HDI


lowest HDI


highest GDP per capita


lowest GDP per capita

Grameen Bank

a microfinancing company that gave small loans to the poor of bangladesh to help get their businesses on their feet


small lonas to poor pople


gender group that recieves 96% of the loans from Grameen because they are more cautious with funds

16 Decisions

a set of examples of hard work, etc. that include cleanliness, family planning, balanced meals, etc.

Muhammad Yunus

the founder of Grameen who came out of poverty and compared it to darkness

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