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Cellular Respiration/ATP's

Cellular respiration and how many ATP's are formed in each stage. (4 stages)
First step in cellular respiration; converts glucose into pyruvate. Makes 2 ATP's.
Formation of acetyl coenzyme A
Second step in cellular respiration;The pyruvic molecules formed in glycolosis enter the mitochondria, where they are converted to acetyl coenzyme A. Makes no ATP's.
Krebs Cycle
Third stage of cellular respiration that finishes the breakdown of pyruvic acid molecules to carbon dioxide, releasing energy. 2 ATP's are made in this stage.
Electron Transport System
Fourth stage of cellular respiration, in which a series of electron carrier molecules that extract energy from electrons and generate ATP or other energetic molecules. 32 ATP's are formed in this stage.
(Adenosine triphosphate) Main energy source that cells use for most of their work.