16 terms

chapter 17

raw data
facts and figures
is useful data that can influence people's choices and behaviors
first mover advantage
is the strategic advantage that companies earn by being first in an industry to use new information technology to substantially lower costs or to differentiate a product or service from that of competitors
sustaining competitive advantage
key is using information technology to continuously improve and support the core functions of a business
data mining
process of discovering patterns and relationships in large amounts of date
supervised data mining
usually begins with the user telling the data mining software to look and test for specific patterns and relationships in a data set
unsupervised data mining
user simply tells the data mining software to uncover whatever patterns and relationships it can find in a data set
affinity patterns
occurs when two or more database elements tend to occur together in a significant way
sequence patterns
occur when two or more database elements occur together in a significant pattern in which one of the two elements precedes the other
predictive patterns
help identify database elements that are different
protecting information
the process of ensuring that data are reliably and consistently retrievable in a usable format for authorized users but no one else
identifying users by unique measurable body features such as fingerprint recognition or iris scanning
uses internal and external sources of data to provide managers and executives the information they need to monitor and analyze organizational performance
are private company networks that allow employees to easily access, share, and publish information using internet software.
two companies convert purchase and ordering information to a standardized format to enable direct electronic transmission of that information from one company's computer system to the other company's system
networks that allow companies to exchange information and conduct transactions with outsiders by providing them with direct, web-based access to authorized parts of a company's intranet or information system