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Je lis

I read

tu lis

you read

il/elle lit

he/she reads

nous lisons

we read

vous lisez

you (pl) read

ils/elles lisent

they read


to read past participle

Je dis

I say

tu dis

you say

il/elle dit

he / she says

nous disons

we say

vous dites

you (pl) say

ils/elles disent

they say


to say past participle


I write


you write

il/elle écrit

he/she writes

nous écrivons

we write

vous écrivez

you (pl) write

ils/elles écrivent

they write


to write past participle

Je veux

I want

tu veux

you want

il/elle veut

he/she wants

nous voulons

we want

vous voulez

you (pl) want

ils/elles veulent

they want


to want past participle

Je peux

I am able to

tu peux

you are able to

il/elle peut

he/she is able to

nous pouvons

we are able to

vous pouvez

you (pl) are able to

ils/elles peuvent

they are able to


to be able to past participle

Je dois

I have to / owe

tu dois

you have to / owe

il/elle doit

he/she has to / owe

nous devons

we have to / owe

vous devez

you (pl) have to / owe

ils/elles doivent

they have to / owe

to have to / owe past participle

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