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Watching a TV series in like a week with multiple seasons, and getting little to no sleep.
bucket list
List of things to do before you die
general efforts and activities done to accomplish a goal
A regular activity performed in exchange for payment
must have an object, transitive. It is a regular verb; its three forms are raise, raised, raised
does not take an object, intransitive . It is an irregular verb; its three forms are rise, rose, risen
back out
decide not to do sth you agreed to do
see through
to give help and support to someone during a difficult time
see to
to deal with
set to
start doing sth in a determined or enthusiastic way
set out
start working on sth in order to achieve an aim
stand in for
To replace; to act as a double or substitute for.
turn down
to refuse or reject (something or someone)
an independent person who has ideas and behaviour that are very different from other people's
settle in
to begin to feel relaxed and happy in a new home or job
pull together
to work together for a common purpose
pass the buck
to make someone else responsible for something that you should deal with
pull your weight
to do your share of work
to reach the milestone of
a significant event

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