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Where the first migraters to America?

Inuit desents.

The two religions present in canada during the 18th century?

Roman Catholic, and Protestant.

Three major cities of Canada during the 18th century?

Quebec City,Montreal, and Toronto

a political unit


what two major cities linked the first major railroads together?

Montreal and Vancouver

what province was gold discovered in?


what type of governmental system is Canada?

parlimentary government

the majority party's leader becomes?

prime minister

Name four industries important to Canada's economy?

Farming,logging,mining,and fishing

what percent to industries account for for gpd?


What is canada's biggest export good?

wood and forest goods

What percent of canadians earn a living from manufacturing?


Canada"s cheif trading partner?

United States


North American Free Trade Agreement

People of mixed french and native american descent?


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