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Superlatives with 'ever' + present perfect

New English File Pre-Intermediate SB p133 Unit 4D (grammar bank) Write sentences with 'ever'

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It's the best film I've ever seen.
it / good film / I / see
He's the most unfriendly person I've ever met.
he / unfriendly person / I / meet
It's the hardest exam he's ever done.
it / hard exam / he / do
They're the most expensive shoes she's ever bought.
they / expensive shoes / she / buy
It's the longest book I've ever read.
it / long book / I / read
She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.
she / beautiful girl / I / see
It's the worst meal I've ever had.
it / bad meal / I / have
It's the hottest country I've ever been to.
it / hot country / I / be to