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  1. profaners (NOUN)
  2. portentous (ADJECTIVE)
  3. sallow (ADJECTIVE)
  4. wanton (ADJECTIVE)
  5. feign (VERB)
  1. a to pretend, invent, imagine
  2. b undisciplined, unruly
  3. c foreboding
  4. d people who swear
  5. e yellow, sickly color

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  1. malice, hatred
  2. mournful
  3. deadly, destructive
  4. break in a wall
  5. prevailing tendency, mood, or inclination

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  1. tainted (ADJECTIVE)undisciplined, unruly


  2. disparagement (NOUN)prevailing tendency, mood, or inclination


  3. nuptial (NOUN OR ADJECTIVE)of or relating to marriage


  4. idolatry (NOUN)the worship of a physical object as God, immoderate attachment or devotion to something


  5. assailing (VERB)attacking violently