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  1. transverse
  2. LLQ
  3. recumbent position
  4. hypochondriac regions
  5. anter/o
  1. a to the right and left of the epigastric region
  2. b lying down in any position
  3. c left lower quadrant
  4. d front
  5. e horizontal field dividing the body into superior and inferior portions.

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  1. middle
  2. superior
  3. vertical field running through the body from front to back, dividing the body into right and left sides (any plane parallel to the midsagittal plane)
  4. vertical field passing through the body from side to side, dividing the body into anterior and posterior portions
  5. pertaining to two sides

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  1. cephal/ohead (upward)


  2. super/ofront


  3. ventr/ofront


  4. posteriorpertaining to the back


  5. epigastric regionsuperior to the umbilical region, generally above the stomach


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