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Spinal Cord and Meninges

Exercise 26 (p. 201)
The spinal cord is an extension of the
The spinal cord extends through each ____ foramen, which collectively make the ____ canal.
vertebral, vertebral
The ____ begins at the the foramen magnum.
spinal cord
The spinal cord ends at the
L1-L2 interspace.
The spinal cord and the brain make up the
Communication travels up and down the spinal cord, byway of
Ascending tracts, which carry information up the spinal cord, carry
sensory information.
Descending tracts, which carry information down the spinal cord, carry
motor information.
The meninges are
three protective layers that cover the spinal cord and the brain.
From the outside to the inside, the meninges are the following:
the (1) dura mater, the (2) arachnoid membrane, and the (3) pia mater.
The dura mater has outer and inside layers which form the
(1) venous sinuses, and the (2) false partitions.
The venous sinuses of the dura mater are the
superior sagittal and transverse sinuses.
The false partitions of the dura mater are the
falx cerebri, falx cerebelli, and tentorium.
The ____ has a ____ space for cerebrospinal fluid.
arachnoid membrane, subarachnoid space
The pia mater lays on the
surface of the brain and spinal cord.
The pia mater of the meninges covers the
blood vessels.