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  1. gene in mantle cell lymphoma
  2. marker in follicular lymphoma
  3. ln pattern of cll/sll
  4. associated syndrome with large granular lymphocytic leukemia
  5. location of marginal zone lymphoma
  1. a malt
  2. b t(11;14)
  3. c cd10
  4. d felty syndrome
  5. e diffuse

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  1. smudge
  2. t(2;5)
  3. starry sky
  4. hallmark, horseshoe, embryoid
  5. cd5, cd23

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  1. marker for large granular lymphocytic leukemiafelty syndrome


  2. markers for mantle cell lymphomat(11;14)


  3. marker in anaplastic large-cell lymphomat(2;5)


  4. mycosis fungoidespautrier microabscess


  5. gene and gene product in burkitt lymphomat(8;14), cmyc


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