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1. to fold (plegar)
2. to bend (torcer)
doblar el espinazo (figurative) -> to bend the knee (someterse)
3. to turn, to go round (esquina)
al doblar la esquina -> when you turn the corner
4. to double (duplicar)
dobló la apuesta -> he doubled the bet
su padre le dobla la edad -> his father is twice his age
5. to dub (voz, actor)
doblar una película al español -> to dub a film into Spanish
6. to lap (corredor)


1. trunk (cofre)
2. boot (maletero) (Argentinian Spanish, Colombian Spanish Br), trunk (United States)




to catch up with

estar a punto

to be about to


to find


1. Chance (azar), fortuitous event; lot (elección), fortune, luck (fortuna), fate (destino), doom, good-luck, haphazard. (f)
2. Rind, sort: species. (f)
3. Manner, mode, way. (f)
4. Skillful movements of a bullfighter. (f)
5. Piece of ground separated from the rest by bounds or landmarks. (f)
6. Original, stock, lineage. (f)
7. Sort, kind (especie). (f)
La suerte está echada -> the die is cast
De suerte que no debe nada -> so that he owes nothing
Echar suertes -> to cast or draw lots
Dejar a uno a su suerte -> to abandon somebody
Lo echaron a suertes -> they drew lots for it
Estar de suerte -> to be in luck
Tuvo la suerte de que hacía buen tiempo -> he was luckly that it was fine


1. clothes, wardrobe (vestimenta); costumes (Teatro)
2. cloakroom (guardarropa)
3. changing room (para cambiarse) (en deportes) (British), locker room (United States); dressing room (en teatro)


1. comforting (anímicamente)
2. revitalizing (físicamente)

la lata

1. can (envase), tin (especially British); can
en lata (de bebidas) -> canned, tinned (especially British)
2. pain (informal) (fastidio) (peninsular Spanish)
levantarse tan temprano es una lata -> getting up so early is a real pain
¡qué lata! -> what a pain!
una lata de libro -> a dead boring book
dar la lata a alguien -> to pester somebody


1. jump
se levantó del asiento de un brinco -> she jumped up from her seat
pegar o dar un brinco -> to jump, to give a start
daba brincos de alegría -> she was jumping for joy
el corazón me dio un brinco cuando oí su voz -> my heart skipped a beat when I heard his voice
en un brinco (figurative) -> in a second, quickly


1. to secure (fijar)
2. to assure (garantizar)
te lo aseguro -> I assure you
asegurar a alguien que... -> to assure somebody that...
el gobierno aseguró que no subiría los impuestos -> the government promised it would not increase taxes
¿y quién me asegura que no me está mintiendo? -> and what guarantee do I have he isn't lying to me?
3. to insure (contra riesgos) (contra against)
asegurar algo a todo riesgo -> to take out comprehensive insurance on something
asegurar algo en -> to insure something for (cantidad)

tener ganas

to feel like


loud laughter


1. pity (compasión)
2. shame, pity (pena)
dar lástima -> to be a crying shame
da lástima ver gente así -> it's sad to see people in that state
¡qué lástima! -> what a shame o pity!
quedarse hecho una lástima -> to be a sorry o pitiful sight


1. to uproot (sacar de su sitio) (árbol) ; to pull up (malas hierbas, flor) ; to tear out (cable, página, pelo) ; to tear down (cartel, cortinas) ; to pull out, to extract (muela) ; to gouge out (ojos)
arrancar a alguien de un sitio (figurative) -> to shift somebody from somewhere
2. (arrebatar)
arrancar algo a alguien -> to grab o snatch something from somebody
arrancar algo de las manos de alguien -> to snatch something out of somebody's hands
3. to start (poner en marcha) (coche, máquina) ; to start up, to boot (up) (computing)
4. (obtener)
arrancar algo a alguien -> to extract something from somebody; (confesión, promesa, secreto) to get something out of somebody; (sonrisa, dinero, ovación) to bring something from somebody (suspiro, carcajada)


1. to explode (explotar) (bomba); to burst (neumático); to erupt (volcán); to shatter (cristal); to break, to crash (olas)
si sigo comiendo voy a estallar -> if I eat any more I'll burst
2. to break out (sonar) (ovación); to crack (látigo)
3. to break out (guerra, epidemia); to break (tormenta)
ha estallado un nuevo escándalo de corrupción ->


1. to hesitate (dudar); to be indecisive (al elegir)
2. to falter (voz, principios, régimen)
3. to flicker (fluctuar) (luz); to be irregular (pulso)
4. to wobble, to sway (tambalearse)
5. to swank, to show off (informal) (chulear)
6. (informal) (bromear)
está vacilando -> he's pulling your leg o kidding (peninsular Spanish, Carib, Mexican Spanish), he's taking the mickey (British)


to lift up, to climb up


1. face
tener (mucho) rostro (informal figurative) -> to have a (lot of) nerve


1. taut (cuerda, goma)
me noto la piel tirante -> my skin feels stretched
2. tense (situación, relaciones)
estar tirante con alguien -> to be tense with somebody


2. to spit out (sujeto: persona, animal); to belch out (sujeto: volcán, chimenea)
escupir a alguien -> to spit at somebody
le escupió en la cara -> she spat in his face
las ametralladoras escupían fuego -> the machine guns were blazing away


1. sorrow (disgusto)


to walk


1. to cheer


1. hemorrhage
hemorragia nasal -> nosebleed
se puso un torniquete para detener la hemorragia -> he put on a tourniquet to stop the bleeding



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