32 terms

Chapter 5 religion

people who acted as temporary military leaders, as well as arbiters of disputes within and between two tribes.
denial of God and the repudiation of faith.
a vestment worn by Hebrew priests.
Kingdom of Israel
name of northern kingdom that split with Judah after the death of Solomon.
Kingdom of Judah
southern kingdom after splitting of the monarchy. It included the territory originally belonging to just two of the twelve tribes, Judah and Benjamin.
True or false?
YHWH forbade the worship of false gods. outlawing many of the practices of the surrounding people.
What is a religous theme of First and Second Samuel?
Fidelity to god leads to success, disobediance leads to disaster.
Why was obedience to God the key to Success for the Israelites?
when israelites obeyed they won, when they ignored God and followed their own they failed
What is a major theological theme of the book of Joshua?
Lord fought for Israel, and without his help, the Israelites would never have settled in the promised land.
Describe cycle of Apostasy during the period of the judges.
-sinned= worship false gods
-god disciplined for sins
-god sent judge
-when judge dies cycle starts over
What three unfortunate things would Isreal's king impose on them?
-put kids in army
-heavy taxes
-treat people like slaves
Why was jerusalem an ideal site for Israel's capital?
It did not belong to one person/tribe.
true or false?
Solomon brought the ark of covenant to Jerusalem to show YHWH's abiding presence to the new nation.
False. David.
Some examples of Solomon's foolish behavior?
Foolish spender because too many wives.
What is the difference between a major prophet and a minor prophet?
length of books.
Old testament prophets preached what 3 themes?
-There is only one true God
-The one God is holy, and God demands that we renounce sin
-The Messiah
What does Elijah and Moses' presence at Jesus' Transfiguration symbolize?
Jesus fulfills laws and promises to the prophets.
What was Hosea's basic message?
was to accuse Israel of sin, infidelity to God, and crimes like perjury, lying, murder, and theft.
Name 3 important judges and their accomplishments.
1. Deborah-instructed the general to lead the army in a successful holy war.
2. Gideon- lead people to victory after thinking he was too weak and God gave him courage.
3. Samson- Fought bravely against the Philistines.
Israel's last judge?
Israel's First king?
Israel's second king?
Israel's third king?
Name of Southern Kingdom?
David's prophet?
Samuel's mom?
Hannah- known as barren and the town drunk because when she prayed she was very loud and sometimes cried out in the open at night.
last judge, priest, prophet annointed Saul as king
-his son= Jonathan.
-his daughter= Mchal.
-became unpopular when he started having mood swings.
-David who is Jonathan's best friend play the harp to calm Saul down.
-wanted to kill David for becoming more popular then him.
-he finally killed himself at sight of sons death.
-skilled harpist became popular and king
-married Mchal and Bathsheba.
-brings ark of covenant
-builds temple
-son= solomon= 3rd king = builds temple.
Immaculate conception?
about when mary was conceived without original sin.
Why was Saul jealous of David?
his people like david better and he was a greater warrior.
How did David's friendship with Jonathan help to perserve his life?
Jonathan loved David and told him to go into hiding when he found out his dad was plotting to kill David.