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How many calories per gram of fat
What do fats carry
essential fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, and healthful phytochemicals
What is more important - type of fat or how much fat
Type of fat
Recommended percentage of fat for daily intake
20-35 percent of total calories
Are diets high in fat nutrient dense
Are fats soluble or insoluble in water
What chemical group is fat part of and what does that group include
lipids, and includes fats (aka triglycerides - 98 percent of lipin in our food and body), phospholipids, and sterols
What are triglycerides (fats) made up of?
3 fatty acids and 1 glycerol
What are the essential fatty acids
linoleic and linolenic
What do fats do to food?
increase flavor and palatability
What do fats do to cell membranes
Give them flexibility and integrity, and regulate the transfer of nutrients
Functions of fat in body
storage form of energy (adipose tissue), cushions kidneys and heart, protects orans and insulates them (temperature regulation)
How many calories per pound of fat
Where is excess fat stored
adipose tissue
What happens to excess calories from carbohydrate and protein
some is converted to glycogen and then the rest incorporated into triglyceridea nd stored as fat in adipose tissue
What form is saturated at room temp
What form are unsaturated fat at room temp
What are the source of unsaturated fats
plant foods
What is "monounsaturated"
if ONE bond is unsaturated
what is "polyunsaturated"
if two or more bonds are unsaturated
Linolenic acids
essential fatty acids - omega 3, EPA and DHA
What does regular consumption of omega 3 fatty acids protect again
heart attack, irregular heart beat ,sudden heath, plaque formation in arteries, high blood pressure, stroke
What type of fatty acid raise blood cholesterol levels
trans fatty acids
Where do trans fats come from
hydrogenated vegetable oils
Why are trans fats preferred for some use
more stable and have longer shelf life
What was the date that marked when trans fat needed to be included on nutrition panel
January 1, 2006
Where is cholesterol found?
only in animal products
Where does cholesterol come from
2/3 produced by liver, 1/3 from diet
Is cholesterol an essential nutrient
What is cholesterol a building block for?
estrogen vitamin D, and testosterone
Is cholesterol an energy source?
NO - not used for energy
Where in your body is cholesterol found?
every cell of your body
fat replacer, heat stable, caloric reduction helper, not digested or absorbed by body, different configuration from triglycerides
Risk factors for Cononary Artery Disease
smoking, sedentary lifestyle, stress, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, age, family history, gender (male)
Two important lipoproteins
What is HDL
"good" cholesterol
What is LDL
"bad" cholesterol
What is the primary carrier for cholesterol in the blood
What happens with elevated levels of LDL
injured arteries, and increased plaque formation/progression of coronary heart disease
What does HDL do
playa role in transporting cholesterol away from arterial walls, REDUCED risk for heart disease
WHat is the current recommended cholesterol intake and what should it be
250 mg, should be less than 200 mg
What is recomended amount of saturated fat intake
less than 7 percent
changes structure of fat to naturally occuring "cis" to a "trans"