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implicit leadership theory

each of us holds within his or her long-term memory a large and well well-elaborated belief system regarding those features we believe distinguish leaders

the decision to label an individual as a leader depends on

the context to which the features of a target overlap with the features that distinguish the leader category or prototype

eight distinctive category dimensions of implicit leadership theory


individuals' mental categories of things or people can be hierarchy arranged into three levels


although universal attributes of leadership exist,

there is substantial variability in our definitions of leadership, seemingly arising from our personal experiences

is there evidence that our perceptions of our parents colors our perceptions of the ideal leader?

yes, father tyranny

as we get older, our leadership perceptions change from

basic to abstract

the categorization perspective

the idea that we label people as leaders to the degree that they overlap with our implicitly-held leadership prototypes

Hogg's social identity theory

leadership perceptions will depend on a target's fit with a group prototype of what a leader is or should be and the more the perceiver identifies with the group, the greater the target's fit to the group prototype will guide leader perceptions

one potential implication of Hogg's work for the theory of leader categorization is that

the leader category may be much more fluid and adjustable knowledge structure than previously indicated

what can activate the leadership category?


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