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  1. makes ribosomal RNA, a major constituent (part) of ribosomes.
  2. location of protein synthesis for proteins that are going to be packaged and sent out of the cell; ribosomes are found on this part of the organelle making it rough.
  3. regulates what comes into and out of the cell
  4. Membrane-bound organelle used for storage materials and/or wastes in the cell; Larger in plants than in animals
  5. location of lipid synthesis to make membranes in the cell

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  1. cell walla thick, clear liquid residing inside the cell membrane holding organelles.


  2. chloroplastsfound only in plant cells: site of photosynthesis; bound by a double membrane


  3. lysosomeresponsible for making proteins; found on the rough endoplasmic reticulum and in the cytoplasm; the only organelle found in both eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells because of the fact that ribosomes are not surrounded by a membrane.


  4. golgi apparatusresponsible for processing and modifying proteins and other materials to prepare them for their destination, especially for proteins that are secreted from the cell.


  5. nucleusmakes ribosomal RNA, a major constituent (part) of ribosomes.


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