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English I

On whose ship does Odysseus return home?

King Alcinous, king of Phaeacia

How has Penelope been able to "put off" the suitors for three years?

She says she cannot marry one of them until she weaves a death shroud for Lord Laertes. She weaves during the day, and at night, she would sneak in there and unweave what she had done.

Athena disguises Odysseus as a __________. Why does she do this?

beggar. Odysseus needs to see who is with him, who is against him. Who is his friend? Who is his foe?

At whose hut does Odysseus meet up with his son?

Emmaeus, the faithful swineherd.

Where has Telemachus been for over a year?

Searching for his father.

6. Who changes Odysseus from the beggar into a god-like man?


What does Telemachus think of this change in front of his eyes?

He thinks Odysseus may be a god.

Why does Telemachus not tell his own mother that Odysseus is home?

Penelope would not be able to hide her emotions. Telemachus does not want the suitors to know Odysseus is home.

How long has Odysseus been away from his home?

20 years

Who is the "old and faithful friend" that recognizes him as Odysseus approaches the manor?

The dog, Argos.

What is the symbolism of the dog Argos laying on a massive pile of dung?

It symbolizes the ruin, the destruction, the fall of Ithica. (Ithaca has gone to poo)

What happens to the dog? What does this symbolize?

The dog dies. This symbolizes Odysseus is going to take back his kingdom; he is going to restore Ithaca. (He is going to clean up the poo)

How do the suitors treat the old beggar?

They kick him, spit on him, and refuse to give him food (even tell him it is not his food, even though it is: irony)

Why do Telemachus and Odysseus remove the weapons from the great hall?

They don't want the suitors to have anything which to fight. Take everything so the men cant fight back.

Explain the dramatic irony when Penelope meets with the old beggar.

The audience knows she is meeting her husband for the first time in 20 years.

Who recognizes Odysseus when she bathes him?

Eurycleia, the nursemaid

Explain the two parts of the test Penelope puts in front of the suitors:

1. To string Odysseus's bow
2. To shoot an arrow through a row of 12 axe- handle sockets

Odysseus reveals himself to two servants ______________ and _____________

cowherd and swineherd

What does he promise to these two men?

Homes built near him

What did Zeus do to show Odysseus that he was with him?

He cracks a thunderbolt

What is the climax of this episode?

Odysseus kills Antinous, the crulest and the meanest of all the suitors.

How does Eurymachus try to reason with Odysseus?

1. He tells Odysseus that they will pay all the wine and meat they eat
2. He promises each will give him 20 oxen
3. He promises each will give him gifts of bronze and gold

Does Odysseus agree with Eurymachus?



He says you fought your way into my home, now find a way out if you can. He says he doubts one of them will skin by!

How does Athena make her presence known?

Her shield appears in the great hall to protect them.

How many of the suitors are killed?


What happens to all of the disloyal servants?

They were hung

What does Telemachus accuse his mother of being?

He accuses her of being cold, hard, distant - why is she not talking to her husband

What last "test" does Penelope make of Odysseus? EXPLAIN

Olive tree
Bed around tree
Secret signs
No other person except one slave has ever seen their bedroom

The last Homeric simile in the story compares Odysseus' longing for his wife to ____________________________

a swimmer whose boat went down in the sea longing for the shore

The next day the relatives of the slain suitors

come to palace and want to start a war.

________ commands peace.


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