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  1. Extension
  2. Abduction
  3. Muscle tone
  4. Cardiac muscle
  5. Dorsiflexion
  1. a form the walls of the heart and contract to circulate blood.
  2. b state of partial muscle contraction providing as state of readiness to act.
  3. c increasing the angle between two bones or straightening a body part.
  4. d bending backward (bending the foot toward the knee)
  5. e moving a body part away from the midline.

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  1. Skeletal
  2. fibrous connective tissue that connects muscles to bones.
  3. attached to bones and cause body movement.
  4. turning a body part inward.
  5. decreasing the angle between two bones or bending a body

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  1. Insertionend or area of a muscle that moves when muscle contracts.


  2. Supinationturning a body part downward (turning palm down)


  3. Contractibilitywhen muscle fibers are stimulated by nerves, they contract or become short and thick.


  4. Oppositionturning a body part downward (turning palm down)


  5. Plantar flexionbending forward (straightening the foot away from the knee)