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  1. Voluntary
  2. Opposition
  3. Rotation
  4. Ulnar deviation
  5. Visercal (smooth) muscle -
  1. a a circular motion that turns a body part on its axis
  2. b touching each of the fingers with the tip of the thumb.
  3. c Skeletal
  4. d are found in internal organs of the body such as the digestive system, respiratory system, blood vessels and eyes.
  5. e moving toward the little finger side of the hand.

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  1. increasing the angle between two bones or straightening a body part.
  2. bending backward (bending the foot toward the knee)
  3. independent action
  4. end or area of a muscle that moves when muscle contracts.
  5. decreasing the angle between two bones or bending a body

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  1. Contract .tightening or shortening of the muscle


  2. Skeletal muscleform the walls of the heart and contract to circulate blood.


  3. Plantar flexionbending backward (bending the foot toward the knee)


  4. Originend or area of muscle that remains stationary when muscle


  5. Circumductionmoving in a circle at a joint. Moving one end of a body part in a circle while the other end remains stationary; swinging the arm in a circle.


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