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  1. T cells are
  2. Blood-borne antigens are destroyed as they activate the immune response. Where does this happen?
  3. Primary lymphoid organs
  4. Lymphocytes destined to become T cells migrate to where and what do they develop?
  5. what provides immune function of the spleen
  1. a thymus and develop
    immunocompetence there
  2. b White pulp
  3. c bone marrow
  4. d white pulp
  5. e CD8+ killer cells & CD4+ helper

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  1. Leakage of lymph into the
  2. lymphocytes
  3. hematopoiesis in the fetus
  4. lymphocytes: lymph nodes, spleen,
    thymus, tonsils, as well as aggregated
    lymphoid nodules in the small intestine
    and appendix
  5. (lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils, and other lymphoid tissue) are site
    of antigenic encounter and activation of B cells
    and T cells

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  1. Spleentubular offshoot of the cecum


  2. Antigen activated immunocompetent
    lymphocytes circle
    lymphocytes, lymphoid tissue, lymphoid organs


  3. Secondary lymphoid organsbone marrow


  4. what do lymphoid organs dogather and destroy infectious


  5. AppendixLargest lymphoid organ