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  1. what are infectious organisms penetrate the
    epithelial borders of the body and enter the underlying connective tissue
  2. what is composed of venous sinuses
  3. spleen is the site of
  4. Antigen activated immunocompetent
  5. what do lymphoid organs do
  1. a circulate in the bloodstream, lymph,
    and throughout lymphoid organs of the body
  2. b hematopoiesis in the fetus
  3. c red pulp
  4. d lymphocytes
  5. e gather and destroy infectious

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  1. tonsils
  2. red pulp

    connective tissue

  3. tubular offshoot of the cecum
  4. lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils, and intestinal lymphoid tissue
  5. (Peyer's
    patches) located in the distal part of the small

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  1. most antigenic challenges occur inlymph nodes


  2. what do b-cells do? where do they developtcells


  3. Locations of Lymphoid Tissue: lymphoid organs (except__)thymus


  4. Site of origin of lymphocytesred bone marrow


  5. Spleenplatelets