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  1. lymphodid organs contain
  2. Lymphocytes destined to become T cells migrate to where and what do they develop?
  3. what is the simplest lymphoid organ
  4. what cell are in the bone marrow besides lymphocytes
  5. white pulp
  1. a thymus and develop
    immunocompetence there
  2. b lymphocytes: lymph nodes, spleen,
    thymus, tonsils, as well as aggregated
    lymphoid nodules in the small intestine
    and appendix
  3. c tonsils
  4. d destruction of antigens
  5. e bcells

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  1. lymphocytes, lymphoid tissue, lymphoid organs
  2. hassal's (thymic) corpuscles that support the development of regulatory t cells which prevent autoimmune responses
  3. lymphocytes
  4. lymphocytes
  5. White pulp

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  1. spleen is the site ofhematopoiesis in the fetus


  2. what recognize and act against
    specific foreign molecules


  3. Spleenplatelets


  4. Immunocompetent but still naïve lymphocytesleave the thymus and bone marrow and seed the
    secondary lymphoid organs


  5. what do lymphoid organs dogather and destroy infectious