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  1. thymus secretes
  2. spleen stores
  3. thymus is most active during
  4. Spleen
  5. Locations of Lymphoid Tissue: lymphoid organs (except__)
  1. a Largest lymphoid organ
  2. b platelets
  3. c thymus
  4. d childhood
  5. e thymic hormones thymopoietin and thymosin

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  1. b and t lymphocytes
  2. red pulp
  3. tubular offshoot of the cecum
  4. Tcells
  5. hassal's (thymic) corpuscles that support the development of regulatory t cells which prevent autoimmune responses

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  1. lymphodid organs containlymphocytes


  2. what cell are in the bone marrow besides lymphocytesbcells


  3. what has mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT)?• Digestive, urinary, respiratory,
    and reproductive tracts


  4. Lymph Node functions: lymph percolates throughTcells


  5. what are infectious organisms penetrate the
    epithelial borders of the body and enter the underlying connective tissue
    red pulp