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  1. what provides immune function of the spleen
  2. rep pulp
  3. Blood-borne antigens are destroyed as they activate the immune response. Where does this happen?
  4. Spleen
  5. spleen stores
  1. a white pulp
  2. b White pulp
  3. c platelets
  4. d Phagocytosis of bacteria and
    worn-out RBCs, WBCs and platelets
  5. e Largest lymphoid organ

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  1. b
  2. hematopoiesis in the fetus
  3. childhood
  4. B cells in bone marrow

    T cells in thymus
  5. white pulp

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  1. Locations of Lymphoid Tissue: lymphoid organs (except__)thymus


  2. Lymph Node functions: lymph percolates throughlymph sinuses


  3. Antigen activated immunocompetent
    lymphocytes circle
    in the bloodstream, lymph, and throughout lymphoid organs of the


  4. what are infectious organisms penetrate the
    epithelial borders of the body and enter the underlying connective tissue
    red pulp


  5. Immunocompetent but still naïve lymphocytesleave the thymus and bone marrow and seed the
    secondary lymphoid organs