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nuclear envelope(membrane)
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organellesmetabolic machinery of cell, "little organs" that perform functionsinclusionschemical substances inside cytoplasmmitochondria"powerhouse" of the cell, change shape continuously, carry out reactions where oxygen is used to break down food/cellular respiration, provides ATP for cellular energyribosomesmade of protein and RNA, site of protein synthesis, found at 2 locations-free in cytoplasm and as part of the rough endoplasmic reticulumendoplasmic reticulumfluid-filled tubules for carrying substancesrough erstudded with ribosomes, synthesize proteinssmooth erfunctions in lipid metabolism and detoxification of drugs and pesticidesgolgi apparatusmodifies and packages proteins, produces different types of packages-secretory vescicles, cell membrane components, and lysosomeslysosomescontain enzymes that digest worn out or non usuable materials within the cellperoxisomesmembranous sacs of oxidase enzymes-detoxify harmful substances such as alcohol and formaldehyde and break down free radicals(highly reactive chemicals), replicate by pinching in halfcytoskeletonnetwork of protein structures that extend throughout the cytoplasm, provides cell with internal frameworkcentriolesrod shaped bodies made of microtubules, direct formation of mitotic spindle during cell divisioncellular projectionsnot found in all cells, used for movementciliamove materials across cell surfaceflagellapropel the cellnucleuscontrol center of the cell, contains genetic material-DNA