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Mrs. Howard Computer Fundamentals III


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True or Fales: A firewall protects the computer against unauthorized access from the Internet.
True or False: A firewall uses a set of rules to allow or block traffic in and out of the computer.
Characteristics of Phishing e-mail
1. It appears to be from a well-known source such as a bank.
2. It contains a fake alert and it redirects you to a phony web site where you'll be asked to enter your personal information.
Anti-virus software
A program that is used to detect, prevent, and remove malware, including viruses and Trojan horses, on your computer or sent to you in an email, chat message or on a web page.
When you turn on the computer, which of the following will be displayed?
The Windows Lock screen
What is a "live" tile
A tile whose contents are automatically updated
The Start menu's "All apps" list contains
all the applications available on the computer
You have multiple windows displayed on the screen. What happens if you shake the active window's title bar (quickly drag it back and forth)?
All the windows except the active window will be minimized
You are using two desktops (desktop 1 and desktop 2), and each desktop has multiple windows displayed on it. What happens if you close desktop 2?
All the windows on desktop 2 will move to desktop 1
Which setting groups allows you to configure a scanner?
A part of a computer system or network that is designed to block unauthorized access while permitting outward communication.
A copy of data that is made in case the original data is lost or damaged. The backup can be used to restore the original data.
Best ways to back up files
1. You can back up your files on external drives if they are connected to the computer during scheduled backups.
2. You can back up your files using online or cloud backup services on the Internet.
3. You can back up your files on removable media.
Online backup
An online service that automatically creates backups on a secure server.
Incremental backup
A type of partial backup that involves copying only the data items that have changed since the last partial backup. This produces a set of incremental backup files, each containing the results of one day's transactions
Which applications can you use to backup and restore the contents of an iPhone?
1. icloud and 2. iTunes
compressed files
files that are reduced in size in order to speed up download time and lessen storage space. Also called zipped files or packed files.
Compressed files usually have ______ at the end of the file name.
Personal files
Includes things like papers, photographs, movies, etc. that someone may want to use in the future. Personal files should be backed-up because they are hard to replace.
Zip file/ Compressed File/ or Folder
Storing data in a format that requires less space than usual.
Permanently deleting files from the computer by emptying the Recycle bin will free up space in which hardware device?
Hard Drive
Malware (Malicious Software)
A software program designed to damage or do other unwanted actions on a computer system/network. Examples - Virus, Worm, Trojan Horse, etc.
SaaS (Software as a Service)
Pay for software as you use it. Not installed locally on your computer or server, instead it is 'Hosted' software, example: Google Docs
Linux and Andriod
Open source software operating systems.
MMS (multimedia message service)
Smartphone and mobile device service that allows you to send picture/video messages