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The south's transportation system

Much of the hunger experienced by confederate soildiers in the civil war was due to what?

Intervention from Britain and France

A supposed asset for the South at the beginning of the civil war that never materialized to its real advantage

The concept of the states rights

The southern cause was weakened by

already established gov

Lincoln experienced less difficult problems than Davis because of an

caused N to realize the war was going to be long

The union's defeat in Battle of Bull Run in 1861 was better than a victory because...

the Union's discovery of Robert Lee's plans

One of the key developments enabling the Union to stop the confederate thrust into the North at Antietam was .....

Gettysburg & Antietam

The two major battles fought in the North were...

issue the Emancipation Proclamation

The North's Victory at Antietam allowed Lincoln to do what?

States rebelling against the US

Emancipation Proclamation declared free only those slaves in what states?

States rights

Confederate war effort was hurt by the South's belief in what ?

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