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  1. Great exaggeration
  2. Two contradictory (opposite) words used together to form an expression.
  3. A comparison of two UNLIKE items NOT using like or as.
  4. A difference between the way things seem and the way they really are. Most Common Type - Situational -- where events that happen in a way that is opposite of what everyone expects. This is what you have always called just "irony."
  5. Hints or clues that the author gives about what will happen next. Often symbols help to foreshadow.

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  1. PersonificationTwo contradictory (opposite) words used together to form an expression.


  2. FlashbackWhen the story goes back to an earlier event and relives it. Ex: We learn about Hugo's father through flashback.


  3. AllusionA brief, indirect reference to something with which the author expects the reader to be familiar (historical event or object)


  4. SimileWhen an object used takes on a deeper meaning. Ex: The heart shaped key in Hugo is a symbol for life.