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Constitutional Amendments


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1st Amendment
Freedom of speech and religion. Freedom to assemble and petition the government. Guarantees a free press.
2nd Amendment
The right to bear arms.
3rd Amendment
Citizens cannot be forced to house or quarter soldiers.
4th Amendment
Protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. Cannot take your property or arrest you without a warrant.
5th Amendment
Protection against self-incrimination. You cannot be tried for the same crime twice. You do not have to testify against yourself in court.
6th Amendment
You have a right to a speedy criminal trial in front of an impartial jury. You must be allowed to have a lawyer.
7th Amendment
You have a right to a speedy civil trial in front of an impartial jury.
8th Amendment
This amendment protects people from cruel and unusual punishment and extraordinarily large fines.
9th Amendment
Any right not stated in or forbidden by the Constitution belongs to the people.
10th Amendment
Any power not given to the federal government is given to the states.
11th Amendment
States cannot be sued in federal court by citizens of other states or foreign countries.
12th Amendment
Pairing Presidents to Vice Presidents
13th Amendment
Slavery is abolished in the United States.
14th Amendment
All citizens are guaranteed equal protection under the law. Anyone born in the United States is a citizen.
15th Amendment
Voting rights cannot be denied because of race or color.
16th Amendment
The federal government can tax your income.
17th Amendment
This amendment allows the people to directly elect their Senators.
18th Amendment
Prohibition of alcohol.
19th Amendment
Women's suffrage. Women are given the right to vote.
20th Amendment
Presidential inauguration is moved from March to January 20. Also known as the Lame Duck Amendment.
21st Amendment
Repeals the 18th Amendment making alcohol legal again.
22nd Amendment
Presidential term limits. The President cannot serve more than two full terms.
23rd Amendment
Citizens of Washington, D.C. have the right to vote in presidential elections and are given three electoral votes.
24th Amendment
Outlaws poll taxes.
25th Amendment
Outlines the line of succession for the Presidency.
26th Amendment
This amendment gives eighteen year olds the right to vote.
27th Amendment
Congress can give themselves pay raises, but they must wait until after the next election to go into effect.

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