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Cell Cycle

the regular sequence of growth and division that cells undergo


period of the cell cycle between cell divisions


in eukaryotic cells, a process of cell division that forms two new nuclei, each of which has the same number of chromosomes


division of the cytoplasm


(biology) tiny fibers that are seen in cell division


a mature sexual reproductive cell having a single set of unpaired chromosomes

Binary fusion

A form of asexual reproduction that produces identical offspring.


A segment of DNA that codes for a protein or RNA molecule.


The DNA and the proteins associated with the DNA


The two exact copies of DNA that make up each chromosome.


area where the chromatids of a chromosome are attached

Homologous chromosomes

Chromosomes that are similar in size, shape, and genetic content


of a cell or organism having two sets of chromosomes or twice the haploid number


an organism or cell having only one complete set of chromosomes


fertilized egg


any chromosome other than a sex chromosome

Sex chromosome

one of two chromosomes of the 23rd pair of human chromosomes, which determine an individual's gender


the appearance of the chromosomal makeup of a somatic cell in an individual or species (including the number and arrangement and size and structure of the chromosomes)

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